MSF (Magneto/Storm/Felicia)

Woo, new team for me :slight_smile:

All done on Cable

w/ Storm Proj assist:

-(corner) s.lp, s.hp + Storm (hp 3 hits), dp+hk, OTG XX Please Help Me!, XX Please Help Me!
-c.hp + Storm xx qcf+hp, hp, land, Super Rolling Buckler
-c.hp + Storm xx super jump,, s.hp [This one I’ve had trouble with since I’m using a Dreamcast pad. Sometimes I can land a hp or hk on the way down, sometimes I can land a into qcf+pp]

w/ Magneto Capture assist

-s.lp, s.hp + Magneto assist (hp 3 hits), XX Please Help Me!

I haven’t gotten to do a whole lot of playing around. Been a hectic day and all. Took advantage of the girlfriend napping to mess around :stuck_out_tongue:


w/ Storm proj,,, Storm, qcf+hp,hp. [Do fast and uppercut before you’re close enough to OTG. You’ll land on the other side while they’re getting up as the tornadoes hit]

w/ Magneto capture

-any combo ending with + Magneto assist xx dp+hk
-any combo ending with + Magneto assist xx qcf+p

Also, if you do the Super Rolling Buckler with Magneto assist coming out, and the HyperGrav lands during the super, the super will automatically end and you’ll be free to do whatever.

lol…it’s been a loooong time since I saw anyone play with Felicia in MvC2…takes me back to my old Felicia,Strider,Cammy team from back in the early dayz of MvC2…gotta love the 5 please help me combos in the corners:lol: …


First team I ever used was Psylocke (Bal)/Cammy (AAA)/Felicia (Exp).

Then I replaced Psylocke with Storm obviously. Now it’s Felicia (exp)/Storm (proj)/Cammy (AAA)

MSF is kinda fun though. :stuck_out_tongue:

Rolling Buckler - Slide XX Please Help Me! is great for people who don’t expect it.

I’ve kind of abandoned her for Storm/Sent/Capcom and Mag/Cable/Doom. She’s coming back though. If I go to Evo, I’m playing her straight through :stuck_out_tongue:

You should come to Charleston sometime. I still play her. But nooo, ya’ll gotta be all… upstate and junk.

lol…I’m all ‘out of state’ and junk
Check me out…I live in GA !

my first team was actually Strider/Cammy/Juggernaut…I still can pull off the 100% sure kill corner combo of death with that team:lol:

I was actually considering playing MvC2 again and going with all CAPCOM teams just to be different and FUN…lol . playing MvC2 for fun:lol:


peeks at the location DOH!

You’re still “up” state dammit!

MvC2 for fun? Man, I miss that… no more Guile/IronMan/Jill teams around here. Or Spider-man/Cammy/Jill. Or Team Shoto. Everyone got skerred :frowning:

I still use Felicia, Tron Bonne, Buletta. Always will until the game is bloody not in circulation anymore.

reminsces the old days of the 6 page Felicia thread

I do like your team though, as I’m imaging how to separate their strengths and what not. For example, I see Cammy to be the most offensive character, whilst Felicia is an equal mixture of offense and defense, leaving Storm to be the annoying little run away twat she’s always been.


Cammy poking rushdown, resets a plenty, usual air combo schtick. Make use of projectile assist with Storm, and cross up with Felicia’s expansion assist.

Felicia jitters back and forth, also making use of projectile assit from Storm, and then rushing a bit with perhaps Dash assist from Cammy (unless you use her for anti-air). HSS defensively, PHM! during combos with either assist maybe.

Storm just hits and runs, maybe using an assist or two all the while.

Do you play them like that, or is it vice versa? Maybe I’m not even close.


Hehe, you’re pretty close. Felicia starts it off, uses Cammy’s AAA to keep from being rushed down and builds meter. Storm’s projectile acts like Sentinel drones and gives her cover for rush down.

I’ll try and bait out assists into Hyper Litterbox Kicks, but I LOVE fighting Cable’s who jump back and forth with fierce punch repetitively. I’ll rolling buckler into the assist with a slide kick, and then cancel into Please Help Me which will usually catch Cable. Fun!

Cammy was my “trump card” so to say. I’ll usually land a miscellaneous combo into her Super Rolling Buckler, and then at the end where she uppercuts them, cancel into Hail Storm. Frame killing out of Hyper Litterbox Kick is great too, even with Cammy’s Killer Bee Assault.

But anyways, I’d run away with Storm, build meter, etc. When Cammy came out, it was a lot of poking and ending with Felicia’s expansion assist.

I wonder if you can tick throw off the first hit of her expansion assist…

Felicia + Tron assist must be sick! :eek:

My favourite combo though is,,, Cammy AAA, Please Help Me!. Almost any AAA assist works for it. Psylocke AAA probably makes it crazy too. CapCom’s works too.