MSH Hidden Characters help please!


I can’t get these hidden character codes to work on the arcade verison of Marvel Super Heroes.

Play as Anita
At the character select screen press MP, LP, LEFT, LK, MK.
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Play as Dr. Doom
At the character select screen press MK, LP, DOWN, LK, MP.
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Play as Thanos
At the character select screen press LK, HK, MP, MP, UP.
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Any ideas why they aren’t working It chooses Spiderman as soon as I push anything.

Can anyone get these codes to work?



The bosses can only be choosen in the Japanese version of MSH arcade. The exact method is very differcult to execute unless you have the coin slot keys and access to the boards setup menu !!

This is the exact way to do it on JPN CPS2 version :

Go to the setup menu and turn FREE PLAY on

now go back to the game and hold the coin switch/detector, press and hold start and keep holding them both !! (you’d need help :smiley: )

Now execute the cheat codes quickly just like tapping motions(they are actually Vampire Hunter moves ).

That’s it…I dunno what Capcom were thinking when they progarmmed such codes.


If you know where a japanese cabinet is… I bet u could hold the coin trigger down with a straw.


What about getting them on emu, I know you can get them on emu, the standard codes ain’t workin though.


Just get the latest cheat list for your emu, you’ll have the hidden characters selectable. No need to go through all the BS with that stupid code.


Cheers Bro,

Anita is cooool
"Love for you" is the creepiest Super combo I think I’ve ever seen.