MSH questions

  1. how do i use the hidden characters listed here?

i can’t seem to get spiderman’s relaunch combo, after watching videos of it… any help would be nice
if i slow it down more than what i am, i miss the mp…


??? one more bump

for spidey relaunch combo i do launch, slow mp, slow mk, slow hp, slow hk (otg),

word, thanks

Come on. I want to play as Anita.

Anyone know how to be those characters?

K, found a link on gamefaqs that may help.

Here it is:

I’ve been having trouble doing that.

Has anyone done it successfully?

worked with doom. couldn’t get thanos / anita tto work

^i thought it was only the japanese version o_O

you can download final burn (any version), download the cheat data files for final burn and voila… u’ll have instant access to various cheats in msh includin the bosses…

or the cheat file for mame if youre using that.

or the cheat file for Kawaks if that’s what you use

i have the dump from each region… i just primarily play the japanese version

Just a few random questions about MSH.

  1. Obviously, gotta know the teirs. I know that Spider-Man, Iron-Man, and Shuma-Gorath are beasts, but where does the rest of the cast stand?

  2. What are some good things for Psylocke. It seems like she really can’t get decent damage unless she’s near a corner, and has meter ready.

  3. How do relaunches work? I remember seeing video’s of Spider-Dan repeated air combo’s with Shuma in the corner, but I can’t jump after the second launcher.