MSH vs SF: Strats


I know this is a crappy game, but it’s nice to have some knowledge about the game.

Any info on top tiers (besides wolvie)

Top strats (besides all day and speed infinite w/ wolvie)

and the best assists and traps and such.


It’s unfortunate that you asked about this game, because it does eventually boil down to Wolvie infinite winning most games.

I think the best characters after Wolvie though are Omega Red and Blackheart though.

Most assists in this game are HORRID! The restrictions on calling them make most of them so useless that you shouldn’t call them at all (you have to be on the ground, Bison can’t even call in flight). The fact that most of the non-projectile assists don’t cover very much of the screen makes a lot of them a lot less useful, especially compared to their MvC2 incarnations (Cyke and Ken come to mind here).

The only one I use remotely regularly is Akuma’s. As one of the few characters who doesn’t have a projectile assist and it stays out for awhile, it’s definitely one of the better ones. You may be able to have a very ghetto trap involving Blackheart and Akuma’s assist, but I don’t play this enough to bother finding one.


Assists aren’t THAT bad. The main downside is that the damage assisting characters take is not fully healable.

You can do a lot of baiting with assists though, for example call Captain America and run in behind and combo as they try to hit him.

I use BH/Shuma, you can call Armageddon on reaction if Shuma hits them near the corner. It can also be really annoying, mixing up fierces and roundhouses and Shuma calls, since Shuma bounces off them and keeps them in stun for a while.


Actually, Shuma is one of the better assists. As is Cap. You are still limited to pretty much using multi-hitting assists, since you end up taunting, which is what hurts assist calling. You need an assist to cover the amount of time you’re stuck in the taunt, and the majority of the assists in this game just can’t do it. Cap can be called more safely because of the ground he covers.


As soon as I posted what I did I realized I forgot to mention the taunting.

For the slower, single hitting assists you have to call them from farther away. But projectile assists are not very useful in general, nor are things like Omega Red’s lame assist.

IMO Akuma, Blackheart, Shuma, Capn, Sakura and Hulk are all decent. I forget what a few of the assists even do…