Msh vs sf

ha…this is for dark cyclops to get his shit going…
i wanna learn wolvie in this game…i cant connect any regular hits off of his dive kick…why?
and how da hell does omega make top 3?

I’m not going to lie, Wolverine’s Dive Kick was pretty much “nerfed” in MshvSF… It doesnt have the same priority as in MvC. Many people claim that Wolverine is #1 in this game… No…

Armored Spiderman really is top tier in this game… Imagine being able to have the armor or Juggernaut/Hulk, but still be able to use spiderman… Well your answer is A.Spidey. I’ve even seen in matches that while getting hit by Ken’s Shoryu-reppa, A.Spidey was able to block it after the 2nd rep… Not to mention his speed enough is killer, and he has the control of MSH/MVC’s Spiderman put together. Spidey/A.Spidey doesn’t have his “Ultimate Web Throw” here, but if you’ve played this game enough times, you’d know he really doesnt need it.

Now he asks why Omega Red is wow… I can’t really give a description, its better shown than said in this case… How abt I have someone record me using Omega Red, and you’ll know how?

we need a tournament for this, japanese version ftw

get that recording dark cyclops…
and why was you ignoring me on ggpo?
you’re the reason i went on.

I was on, but I didnt press afk… I meant to, my bad dude… But Im on now if you wanna run it…

  • Double Spidey ftw. :smokin:
Kailera tourney a while back.

ay dr. chaos
who are you?
i’m from philly too

This game is fun.
I wanna play that too.

Taikoubou @GGPO^^

Omega is top-tier because of several different things:

  1. His combos do a lot of damage;
  2. His J.FP has a lot of priority behind it and does a lot of hits in the process;
  3. Wise use of his Omega Strike (namely, using it to poke and go back)
  4. He can gain back life at opponent’s expense.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, but it’s pretty much a well-known fact that Omega can definitely hold his own a LOT in this game.

Uh. No. He really isn’t. Had be been as fast as regular Spiderman, perhaps, but as is, he’s really mid-tier. Wolverine is #1 because of his retarded infinites and the fact that he can gain his meters rather quickly just by leaping all over the place and spamming MP.

Both spideys and omega are above wolvie imho.

thanks you guys for contributing.
i’m a newbee at this game.
but i play xvsf…so my chun-li should be ok
and i play msh…so my spidey is a monster.
but thats about it.
my wolvie is ass
my other sf characters are ass.

ooh ooh
i like norimano.
can anyone help me with him?

Once you learn how to build meter with Wolverine, he’s not going to be ass for much longer.
If you want my advice, throw what you know about Wolverine from the previous game out the window, because he doesn’t play like that anymore. Your bread and butter from now on will be (hold):d: + LK, MK, FP xx Berserker Barrage X.

As for Norimaro, he’s rather tricky. I suggest you learn how to use his Double Jumps to your advantage, and try as best as you can to chip away with his Hyper Strong Miracle Treasure (:qcf: + PP).

Somebody once told me that unless Wolverine has a set strategy for beating Spiderman, he’s going to lose each and every time. However, Wolverine ranks above because his pressure game is beyond ridiculous, so he’s more adept at handling other characters a lot more than Spiderman.

Wolvie is alright nothing special. Spideys and Omega were better, but anyone can beat anyone in this game really.

Nothing special you say?


Also, LOL at that last statement. :rofl:
I’d like to see a Zangief player beat Wolverine hands down.

Wolvie is decent nothing special, no ones going to let Wolvie build 3 bars jumping mp can only get you so far, Spidey and Omega red stop all that nonsense, especially armor spidey since he has Mini-Super Armor. When they activate spidey can just stick on the wall for the entire duration. Omega can just do the fast coil retracts on the ground or jump and throw coils in the air.

I wish Blackheart could still cancel into his Heart of Darkness super off of the fire summon. Good thing he has his RH minions that lead into his air super. And he has an air dash too. He’s basically the pest of the game.

Norimaro is really cool. He has some sick traps with his RH. And oh man, that super does so much chip damage.

A very simple Wolverine infinite:
PPP+c.LK xN.
Wolverine’s c.LK is so fast (1 frame startup ?) and gives him so much frame advantage it’s almost… unfair.

Wait a second. How the hell can Spiderman stop Wolverine from gaining meter?
I have a feeling you don’t even know what you’re talking about.

You’re assuming that Wolverine has to hit Spiderman with MP to gain meter?
Tsk, tsk, tsk.
No, son. Wolverine’s strategy is to RUN all day and building meter by mashing MP.

I also think you’re giving Super Armor way too much credit.
Just remember, it’s good to an extent, but it has two weaknesses:

  1. It only lasts for one strong hit, and then the character can be stunned like normal;
  2. Super Armor does not apply while said character is JUMPING.

Seriously. Try it. Jump towards an opponent with Armored Spiderman, have opponent do a launcher and see if he doesn’t get sent straight up. And Spiderman has to jump around a lot to be really effective (other than :d:+FK, Crawler Assault, which sometimes doesn’t work if an opponent can roll fast enough), so that armor talk’s a load of crap.

Omega Red is good, but he can’t come close to Wolverine. Coils come out way too slowly, and you’d have to be a good guesser to really nail Wolvie with a successful Omega Strike (although, to be fair, it doesn’t take much to gues).

Thats why I said jumping mp(to build meter) can only get him so far. Wolvie in here on the ground is not as good as mvc1 wolvie on the ground. Spideys are just to good regardless, and I have a feeling you never really played a decent Omega. We should get some games in one day. My theory vs yours Go Go Go! :grrr:

ok, so far i like chun li.
her corner combo is something like xvsf’s.
so i’m comfortable with that.
now, i’m a wolverine groupie, and with that said, he’s not really my type in this game: no homo.
spidey is ok.
they shoulda made him a lil more mobile like in mvc.
and my capt. is just a chip guy.
if anybody has anything on any other characters, let me know.
i heard that akuma is a monster.
can anyone verify this?