MSHvsSF: Advance Strats


I couldn’t find any advance MSH vs SF discussion anywhere in the forums… Lets get the ball rolling. What are the teirs in this game? I know Blackheart and Omega Red belong at the top…


Wolvie should also be in the top for his easy as fuck to do infinite.


I believe the first two tiers should look like this.

God Tier
Top Tier
Omega Red
Cap/ US Agent (team only)

I believe that’s how it goes, I do know that wolverine is in a tier all by himself.
All you need to know for this game is, pick wolverine super jump and mash mp then do his braid dead infinite.


Top 2 tier is wolverine and spiderman. Wolverine’s reason is obvoius. Spiderman has insane priority with his normals.

Omega red and Blackheart are also very much up there.

Cyclops and Shuma should also be mentioned because they don’t lose to anyone really bad except spiderine.


Can you add Omega Red’s Carbnadium Smash (sp?) at the end of an air combo? Or is there some other way to connect it? (e.g. tiger kneeing, maybe?)


i think if you coil throw them into the corner in an air bomb you can connect it

i have tried really hard to tiger knee it off of standing fierce or roundhouse but doesn’t work

a think about his omega destroyer, if you push block it in the air eventually it’ll break your guard and still do about 40 percent damage


im kinda new to mshvsf… what hasn’t changed (i think thats how it should be said) about tha compared to mvc2?


What about Ryu, Black Heart and Chun-Li? Those are my favorites! Any good combos I can use for them that are reliable? Also, what was that long extended cyclops air combo?


ryu isn’t that big on combos…

in the corner you can keep doing crouching fierce XX shinshoryuken

in the corner you can launch and do jab, short, forward, fierce, roundhouse. make sure you do regular jumping version of forward, which pushes the opponent down a bit.

blackheart can do launch, jab jab jab, air dash jab, short, strong, air throw. after which you can connect a superjump forward.

if you air dash right after heart of darkness super you can connect a jumping roundhouse, and then extend the combo.

cyclops air combo

i do launch, jab, down+short, down+short, jab, double jump, magic series

there’s other ones of course, but that one for me is the most reliable


you can do in the corner…

launch with crouching fierce (2hits), upward gamma rush X2, OTG with crouching short, standing fierce XX gamma crush. but only the first hit (when hulk goes up) will hit.

you can also do in the corner crouching fierce, super jump jab, fierce, fierce again, then OTG crouching short, standing fierce. does close to 40 percent.

if you land a standing fierce in the corner you can do his grab move for a combo.

if you hit an opponent out of a fairly high jump with gamma crush, you can OTG and continue the combo afterward


standard MSH combo…

jump in with jab strong fierce, land, launch XX fierce spidersting, OTG with crouching jab, standing roundhouse for relaunch, magic series



can you guys give me some combos that connect into supers, and if you dont mind me asking, what is wolverines infinte? i do play this ga,me much…


ultimate uber MvSF strat:

step 1. pick wolverine.

step 2. sj. hit strong as fast as possible.

step 3. land, qcb+pp, lock down/combo until super runs out.

repeat steps 2 and 3.

you win.

the infinite is really complicated. You gotta make sure you’re in berserker rage mode (qcb + pp), and you gotta make sure you’re hitting the opponent. If you are, then the infinite is defensive crouch fierce x n. i can never land it succesfully though, it’s too hard.


If your going to play old school games. You should play XvSF. Its a much better game. Its a lot more fun than the MSHvSF. First off there are a ton more infinites. At least one per character. I tried getting into MvS after XvS and its just not a good. No Rogue in MvS which really sucks. Wolverine is slower. Overall I did not like it. But for strats I would have to say what other people are saying. Do the Wolverine qcb+pp super over and over. Bison is good character to use to.


so the infinte is jsut mash on cr.fierce? im confused or do you mean cr.fierce then neutral stick, then cr.fierce again?


Just mash on defensive cr. FP. That’s technically not right because there is a rhythm to it so that the fierces will combo, but you don’t have to put the stick to neutral. If you’re wondering how it’s an infinite, the super lasts long enough for you to both dizzy and build up another meter, so you can repeat the super and continue the combo.


what’s the rythym to it, do you play an instrument, cuz if you can tell me in beats and notes i would be able to get the general idea. how do i set up someone for this infinite and are their any combos that connect into supers for him?


To set up the infinite most people just dash in with a low short. The rythm is just fierce, fierce, fierce, one after the other. (Quater notes)

You have to do db +fierce (or maybe d+fierce works too?) because df+fierce gives you his sliding knockdown attack.

I like to use Blackheart/Shuma, because I enjoy annoying my opponents. Blackheart also does a good job of covering Shuma’s assist, and in the corner a Shuma assist is a free Armageddon. (Out of the corner it is a free pillar IIRC, I might be wrong on that though)

With Shuma I use a lot of block damage and a lot of kick throws/special throws. Nothing annoys people like hitting them with the kick throw a few times in a row.

Also if you learn the timing for when the eyeballs explode after they stick on people you can get some pretty good damage going.


is it just me or is MVSF and GEM FIGHTER the only 2 games that Dan is actually decent in?




I read i could places that Gambit is in MSHvsSF. Can anyone back this up?
Any strats for Dhalsim? Mech Zangief? Cyclops? Sakura? Hulk? Dan?
How is US Agent different?

Best team combinations?

I have this game at where work on FREE PLAY. so i got lots of time to practice. Im already probably the best at where i play, but i need to know more. MORE!
My favorite teams are Dhalsim, Cyke/Gief/Ryu/Wolverine.


Nah, Gambit is not in this game as a playable character.

US Agent = Cap America.

Mech Zangief’s power lies in his ability to not go into hit stun… Combos characters might have problems against him. Take hit xx Atomic buster. Keepaway characters and pokers is another story though…

Dan being good? Now I really can’t figure out how he could be good… Other than that level 3 suicide move that he has…


Shinkuu Gadouken juggles in the corner. akin to those MvC2. And his special moves, though lacking in range, have good priority.