MSI Wind U123 help!

Trying to do a fresh install on this netbook but can’t get it to boot to DVD for some reason.
Disabled ALL devices to boot too except the DVD drive. I have a known good bootable DVD
in there now (Ult Win 7). Recognizes it in windows but doing a windows install won’t let me
delete out the partitions to organize it the way I want to. Any ideas?

On most systems, you can press a certain key when the machine is starting to access a “Boot Menu” that will let you select a boot device. Usually it’s shown on the splash screen, like “Press ESC for Boot Selection” or something to that effect. Then you can select to boot from your (what I’m assuming is) external DVD.

Once the drive reads the disc to determine if it’s bootable, you should see a message like "Press any key to boot from disc … " you MUST press a key, otherwise it will timeout and instead boot from the hard drive.

Please try that and let us know.