MSP basics???




spam down+light kick and psylocke


That’s what most folks do.


Short short psyblade…


ok, my OG friends told me to play scrub to learn marvel fundamentals first before I move to MSP.

are there any elite players of current or past that ran the team that I can study footage of?


of SCRUB??? are you kidding? lol

Randy Lew


Yeah definitely SmoothViper, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him play with any other team.


There are videos on Preppy’s website and/or Youtube of Smoothviper using MSP.


yeah smooth played scrub, thrax, MSP, ROW


Shoutouts to Preppy, played him a couple of times on XBL but he kept MvC2 alive with the footage back in the day. I remember coming home from work to watch MvC2 footage, shit was hype!


Erik beat the fuck out of me in 2k8 at CTF with Row… I never lost that badly in my life. It wasn’t even a perfect either… I just felt stationary, I might have well been a training dummy.

As for MSP…

Set your TE to have A2 on turbo and you’ll beat 80% of the scrubs on ranked.