MSP Volume 1 VIDEO

I just uploaded a new video that I just made show casing MSP mainly.

I hope everyone enjoy watching this new video

-UNBLOCKABLES are shown in my video


Let me know what you guys think of my video.

The vid was actually interesting to watch despite the low quality…good shit…what program did you use to edit your vid btw (I have one but has been giving me problems…)

HOLY… Nice

did you do all that without a program pad? if so then wow!!!

The limit break setups were nice. I especially liked the the one with Storm with the Tk Typhoon xx LS. I’ve been trying to a simplier one with cyclops, but am not succussful.

The “Unblockable” you did in TR with Storm vs Sent isn’t really unblockable. The Cpu will always get hit after throws that send them flying in TR even if you put all gaurd. Put the Dummy to All Guard and pick commando to do hk grab, then when the dummy’s released do a corriner or launcher, etc. It will get it as well.

Was the Limit break with Mag an Unblockable? The part where after they get up and mag does, the last bit of the shockwave hits, then you OTG them. Was the with the shockwave unblockable?

Also mag s.hp xx shockwave dhc hailstorm, dash str8 jap, dash, tri jump hk otg, launch on akuma was nice aswell.

Everything that I did was done by hand…there was no program pad use in this video. Took me a while to edit the video…srry about the quality but the combo were nice…

“the one where mag uses shockwave with storm is not an unblockable but a set up for the limit break”

also thanks for the feed back…

hot, repped! could be better quality though…

pretty damn good

I like that upfwd+rh that hit crossup on magnus with psylock. :rock:

nice vid

it wasn’t upf+hk…it caused knockdown.

what kind of stick did you use for this Demo? I need to find a stick to be able to execute stuff like this like I used to at arcades that are now closed down :[

you might want to go double check that there sir.

it was the one at the slomo part right? if it knocked down then it shoulda been the lp-back-hk move right?

I’m confused now haha

The only reason I’m saying its upfwd+rh is because he didn’t chain into it. He linked into it after c.fp and I thought the s.lp,bck+rh could only be done during chains.

of course not, you can always delay the commands and it will come out whenever. I also don’t believe he’d have enough time for cr.hp to recover and then do the upf+hk.

but I digress

if it knocked down, it has to be the lp,b,hk afaik

that was pretty funny. Why did you put limit break instead of FSD? + this should probably go in the video gallery as well.

Can’t view vid. :sad:


Keep at it with the other characters too:rock:

2nd part


SUP DEMO, dont listen to the haters they just MAD!

best video i’ve ever seen. reminds me of korngo.

good job keep up the work hope to see more.

demo= best combo video maker.

Damn… Lots of creativity! Crazy dead body juggle on sent, didn’t even know it was possible to do that in the air. I like that off-the-screen combo on Hulk too, didn’t even know that was possible. Really innovative guardbreaks and unblockables too. keep up the good work. you should come out with another video (with other teams) :smokin:

great vid.

Damn, that is one nice MSP video you got there!

The upflip kick in the video is the Magic/Hidden kick.