MSP Volume 1 VIDEO

:tup: great vid. i hope you can give preppy the original so we can download and view it with better quality. hoping for more vids from you.

i know, that’s what i said

nice vid cool stuff throughout

great vid esp considering how hard it is to make a ‘decent’ combo video nowadays

tons of sick resets. and the unblockable DHCs were dope too

about the storm vs sent on all guard combo…does that actually work? All Guard doesn’t always guard all

Damn awesome vid out of no where… Good shit.

Thanks for the Feedback…
I’ll think about making another TEAM COMBO VIDEO.

Now comes the hard part for me (To think of Unique Combo, Reset, Inventive Flow and Unblockable)

i wonder how good you are in real life.

anybody play this creative cat before?


cool vid, i agree with everyone about the quality, but aslo i kinda didnt like the music(was too dramatic) but thats just my opinion…


how do you hkc i know how to do but its hard

My god!The Best msp vid i’ve seen yet!Good shit man ,and man do i love the music!!

Sorry about the video quality…I am in the Process of making another team combo video but I don’t think I can finish it soon tho…because MGS4 (metal gear solid 4) is coming out soon.
Can’t wait for the game to come out and also MGO (metal gear online).
There gonna be some nasty headshot going on in MGO.

Hopefully, I can finish up my next team combo video.

Thanks for the feed back

Usually I’m REALLY skeptical when someone posts a video, but this vid was AMAZING! Very creative good job

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