MSPaint Avatar Competition

I’m holding another Avatar Battle Challenge (ABC).

These are pretty big events for IMM as some of you may know.

However, this one is based in mspaint, so there’s nothing stopping the FAG (holy shit! I just realized how badly Fan Art Gallery needs to be renamed for a better acronym!) crowd from getting in on it.

If you want to submit an entry to the mspaint avatar battle challenge, just read the rules and details HERE. We’re giving away really nice digital sketches from the likes of SFMC, rook, and woof, Mai & Chun Li 8 in. figurines, premium membership, and I’m sure a bunch of other cool stuff will be announced before it takes place too. There are six places, so you’ve got some decent odds of winning something.

Good Luck all, and remember to read the rules before you do something stupid and get disqualified.


wow a prize from woof?? i better enter hes like my fav artist

kandoken will looooooose

EDIT: White shadow will also loooooooooooose

:stuck_out_tongue: i do all my avatars in paint…


here are some avatars ive done

the difference is that you cant use any outside resources :wonder:

<3 @ the Hugo Boss one.

woof: oh, i c… meh, how fun is that ^^

Master Chibi hehehe thanks =)

that hugo boss one is t3h sh1t

hehehe thanks guys… now you all made me use it >_<

The contest is up, and the judging is completed. Feel free to gawk, comment, and plan your entries for the next ABC!