MSPaint Whispers III: Game Thread

Okay, the game has officially begun! The stimulus image has been sent out and the battle between Jesus Toast Mafia and SRK has begun.


@“The Furious One”


RNGoddess? Looks like TGG and I will be drawing. Prepare for Rembrandts!

Can’t wait.

Yep, just forgot to move you guys before I randomised the list and then couldn’t be bothered changing that list so I didn’t accidentally post the order.

I can’t wait to see the fucked up things the drawers will make based on the sick descriptions that surely will include phallic references

I can’t wait till I get the asshat who can’t draw moose or boats correctly.

All my pictures will be drawn with the trackpad on my laptop. This is so I dont blow everybody away with my other worldly artistic skills. TREMBLE WITH INFERIORITY!

Gonna be drawing those moose’s and boats so dick like just for you, buddy!

Up to our first drawer.

FYI, I paid off jasonC to put maximum penis content in your drawing.

Too many dicks in that one.


It would be pretty funny if the original pic was a penis and then at the end it turns into a boat and a lighthouse.

Let’s just say that this game is more tame than the one on JTM.

The reveal threads are going to say a lot about both of our communities.

It helps we don’t have Godot or “Daddy what’s a Moose look like” AlphaFailure on this side.

How much longer until everybody has drawn anyway? I really want to see all the drawings. If there’s 10 on each side, equating to 5 drawings from both sites, and the phases are 24 hours, the last drawing should be submitted tomorrow correct? Monday is possible as well.

In an ideal world, but let’s be honest. People aren’t meeting timings so it’ll probably be mid-week before the reveal happens. We’re on our second drawer here on SRK while JTM is onto their third drawer.

SRK has now caught up to JTM.

How far are we now?

I really want to see what the drawer did with my college art degree description.