MSPaint Whispers IV Game Thread

Game is now live! The image has been released to the first describers for SRK, JTM and the Army.


  • forte95
  • Shinkuu Tatsumaki
  • chadouken!
  • Neesa
  • CanadianDstryr


  • Joshkaz
  • The Furious One
  • Bious
  • Raij1n
  • Hecatom

SRK has taken the lead over JTM. The Army guys and girls are still getting hammered prior to attempting to play.

Damn, I am the last describer

The list is just of players, it’s not the order of play. The order isn’t revealed until the end to keep everyone guessing.

I’m expecting Turner Prize winning art

We now need another drawer so if anyone has been considering playing or has any friends they can bully into playing, please feel free to tag them in!

@“The Martian”

Redeem yourself.

Crisis averted, so no need for The Fa-Martian to play.

What’s happened already? Are we finished with the first round of describers?

Yeah. I’m the first drawer. Description hit my desk sometime last night.
At work now, will speed through a drawing soon as I get home.

I apologize in advance for whatever I end up drawing.

Yeah, we’re actually up to the second drawer now :slight_smile: who may or may not be CanadianDstryr.

Actually no, we’re on our second describer because someone @Bious hasn’t replied.

Status update @Synonym? So I can know how close it is to dogs?

We’re up to our third describer.

SRK has overtaken the Army today and is in the lead. Mostly because the strategy of the Army players getting blitzed and drawing resulted in a broken phone.

How’s the game going now? We should be just about finished, right?

We’re up to our last describer! SRK might actually finish before I fly out to Canada tomorrow.

Well, miracles can happen. We are onto our final drawer. JTM is onto their third describer and the Army players are all too drunk to respond. They’re probably going to be finished before JTM however.

So, we da bess?

I’m assuming we’re done. Do we wait for JTM and Army for the reveal?