MSPaint Whispers IV: The Army Strikes Back

From the man who lovingly brought this game to life on SRK and then promptly forgot to award anyone for the last game comes MSPaint Whispers 4! No more clip art! No Negaducks (we’re allowed one)! 100% more soldier artistic action. You’d better believe that MSPaint Whispers is back. I have gotten some Army friends in on this, along with the usual bunch of degenerates over on JTM. So, we’re having a three-way art battle.

Game starts once slots fill up. I pinky swear that I’ll make some awards for this game.

Da rules:
At the beginning of the game, players will be separated into two groups: Describers and Drawers. I will send a stimulus picture of my choosing to the first describer. He will then have 12 hours to describe the picture in 10 words, no more, no less, and must submit it to me via PM. I will then submit that description to the first drawer, who will have 24 hours to submit a drawing to me, done only in MSPaint or a similar program (Photoshop/Gimp will suffice so long as you use no advanced functions or effects.) I will then send that picture to the next describer, and the game continues until everyone has had a turn, at which point, I will reveal every description and every drawing, and hand out awards.

Describers: You may not use the URL of the image in question as your description or what to google to find it. Be creative and descriptive with your descriptions.

Drawers: You cannot write the description you received in Paint and use that as your drawing.

Everyone: Just have fun. There’s no winning or losing team, this one’s just for shits and giggles. You also won’t know the order of who is drawing and describing, but if you want to say when you’ve had your turn, that’s fine.

Also, you can opt to be either a drawer or describer, or a wildcard. I reserve the right to ask you to change if I get too many drawers or describers, to even out the game so it can run.

Sign up now!


  • forte95
  • Shinkuu Tatsumaki
  • chadouken!
  • Neesa


  • Joshkaz
  • The Furious One
  • Vynce
  • Bious
  • Raj1n


  • CanadianDstryr
  • Hecatom


Bonus points for being the first person out of all three factions to agree to play.

Describer please. You can decide if I’m on SRK or JTM later if that works :tup:

Signing in, describer please

Inb4 the Australian army gets to evo first.

Signing is a wildcard

Usually when people edit their posts, they fix it up to be comprehensible.

Oh btw, RadicalFuzz told me he wants to sign up as a Drawer for SRK.

Was going to sign up as describer, but SRK has all of zero drawers right now.
I’ll register as wild and let chance determine my fate.

Can I join? I’m not a GD/JTM regular. At least not yet.

If I get to join, I can be a drawer.

Yeah dude, any member of SRK/JTM/the Australian Army can join in. If you enjoy this game, feel free to drop into JTM afterwards and join one of our Mafia or Arena games.

Shameful plug over.

Thanks. I’ve been following SRK forum games for a good while. I’ll gladly make a JTM account.

SRK describer in to fuck it up again bae!

Yeah mate, no worries. No pre-requisites for this game so the more the merrier.

Someone put a lot of animals in their descriptions.

Uhh… Drawer I guess.


I think its time @WTF-AKUMA-HAX used his legendary paint skills outside of the lounge.
Also @Neesa should enter

If I can find my smaller tablet, I could probably do stuff;

As long as it has boobs pls. :bee:

Boobs in an MS paint game? Sounds kind of gay, doesn’t it?