MSPaint Whispers: Sign-up Thread


This is the sign-up thread for the inaugural SRK game of MSPaint Whispers. “What the hell is that, post-09’er” I hear you ask. Well, it’s essentially a fantastic blend of Chinese whispers with MSPaint.

The way the game works is pretty simple. Players are divided into “describers” and “drawers”, with an even number of both participating.

The way it works is fairly straight forward. The first describer is shown a stimulus image chosen by myself. They then attempt to describe that picture to the first drawer in 10 words via PM. You can not include a copy of the original image, nor a link to where it can be found (ie. re-upload it to imgr). The first drawer then attempts to draw the described scene in MSPaint. The drawer has 24 hours to produce their image, before that image is shown to the next describer.

Describers: Act like you would in a game of Chinese whispers. You have 10 words to describe the picture presented to you.

Drawers: Attempt to draw a picture that matches the described scene. You have 24 hours within which to do so.

Player interest will dictate the size of this game, or whether I decide to run two games parallel. There are no additional time commitments, and all results will be revealed in chronological order upon the games completion.

Sign ups can be to a specific role or can be left to RNG.


  1. Manx
  2. Augustus~
  3. RadicalFuzz
  4. NickRocks
  5. AlphaCommando
  6. kaz


  1. Joshkaz
  2. Pimp Willy
  3. Skizzz
  4. Combo Knight
  5. Bious
  6. Blindknagg
  7. Raij1n
  8. GodotsRevenge


  1. Hecatom
  2. Missing Person

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I am officially signing up.



@Hecatom @Vynce did you want to specify a role or were you happy with RNG?

@Manx I’ve assumed that your sign-up indicates your desire to be a drawer.


Sign me up as a describer.
Going to win the shit out of this game.


I’ll draw.


Sign me up as a MSPainter

Trying to fill up slots before Alpha sees this thread.


I’ll describe since I have no artistic skills


Just a reminder that player size isn’t an issue. If there are too many sign-ups to realistically run it as one game, I’ll create two parallel games.


Describer plox?


I must describe; iOS only


I’ll play, I want to draw.


I’ll be playing from phone, so I’d like to describe


Finally a good use for my drawing tablet! lol

So I have a couple of questions:

  1. how will the winner de determined?

  2. When fill the game actually begin?

(I’d like to be an MSPainter. btw)


RNG is fine for me :tup:


I’m making a few awards, but most of them are a surprise.

Artistic ability isn’t a requirement to win any awards, likewise there are awards for describers too.

Game starts at the end if the week, of that suits everyone. Unless everyone is happy to start it during the week.


If this is anything like elementary school I give it 3 people before it becomes a bag of dicks


That depends on if Alpha is drawing.

Syn be sure to archive every picture and description so we know who fucked up the drawing took many artistic liberties.


Eh screw it, put me down as a describer.