MSPaint Whispers V - Game Thread


Game is now live? The stimulus has been released to the first describer. I’ve also got special prizes throughout the game if certain conditions are met.


  1. @DarkGeneral
  2. @forte95
  3. @The Co-Jones
  4. @Bious


  1. @chadouken!
  2. @Vynce
  3. @Joshkaz
  4. @Hecatom

M$Paint Whispers 5 sign up thread - Sponsored by the new Ghostbusters movie

I swear i’m not mafia this time!


So, who wants to bet who will be the describer to fuck up adding penises.




Oh daaaaaaamn.


Up to our first drawer! Both sites are taking very different approaches to the game.


Just a warning, but I can’t draw for shit.


As long as you’re not RadicalFuzz tier, you’ll be conforming with the MSPaint standard.




I already drafted my description.

Dicks form rainbow over dick fountain

Sailboat overlooks penis shore


You forgot Bert and Ernie.


Do it well dudes! How many dicks total will be drawn?


Never enough :sad:


Onto our second describer!


Corner-boys tub fight
Hamburgers float inside
Dead babies lie outside

Never change, MS Picassos, never change.



I forgot to sign up. Now my masterful drawings/descriptions won’t be shown. Might as well end this shit now, and let me join in.


@Azure is disqualified for failing to understand the game. Seriously, why the fuck did you think we’re posting in PM’s?

@Joshkaz you can sub in if you’re keen.


Well everyone who bet Hecatom on ruining us lost.


SRK JTM we da best :bee:


jabs irl