Which team is better by your opinions guys ?

MSP or MSS overall

They both have different match-ups and pros/cons etc.

Now on the match up MSS VS MSP who REALLY has the advantage ? These are 2 questions that can be up for discussion. I have my own answers but I wanted to see what others think. Plus my friend whos name I won’t mention is too much of a punk to post this thread himself so im doing it.

I’d say MSS is the ‘better’ team. It has the Mag/Storm DHC, and more importantly, the Storm/Sent DHC of death. Sent is the best anchor character in the game, and you can abuse his assist with little fear of his ass getting killed [this isn’t considering a double snapout]. Include the fact that both everyone on the team can do heavy damage without any meter or resets, and you have a very well balanced team. You just have to have a really good sent in order to get the most out of this team. If your magneto gets killed, and your sent gets snapped in without any meter, it’s your ass if you can’t fight with sent/storm.

MSP’s main assist goes straight through Sent’s RP, and more often than not, MSS gets double snapped for one miscall. MSP can’t take as much damage as MSS, and if storm dies against Sentinel, you’re pretty much dead if he has meter. MSP has the advantage of being able to stay in MSS’s face, and that’s a good reason why who has the advantage isn’t so clearly defined. The thing is, if the MSS guy can block really well and keep the other magneto occupied, then he can countercall on psy to beat the shit out of her.

MSS vs. MSP, eh? Tough one.
I suppose if had to go with just one, MSS gets my vote.
Not only does Sentinel’s assist help to zone out players and keep them at a comfortable distance, but Sentinel, by nature, is a VERY hard character to damage. By that, I mean his high defense rating as well as the fetal position he assumes when you hit him in an Aerial Rave. Plus, I’ve seen a LOT of miraculous comebacks done with Sentinel as the last man standing.

That’s not to say Psylocke can’t hold her own, though…she can MORE than handle anybody if she’s left alone, but having her as a partner requires you to be more up close and personal with thine enemy. However, in some ways, that’s a good thing, since you have Storm’s Typhoon to cover you from a distance and Psylocke’s Psy Blade to deter people from rushing in.

Still, MSS gets my vote.

I’m gonna go ahead and say that MSS is the second best team in the game, next to Santhrax. :slight_smile:

msp is counter to mss…what is everybody saying…one mag CAN tri jump other mag, and one mag can’t…

i understand all of the combos and how much damage u get playing mss, but simply put, an experienced msp player can lay to rest an experienced mss player more times imo. the only way magneto wins the magVSmag fight is to play uber gay,safe (which means hardly a rushdown…u might rushdown off of a careless msp rushdown or something like that…and how good is that?)…and once magneto dies, mag/psy goes into beast mode

I think MSS drones counters MSP, but you lose some overall advantages

Tough calls are to be made, regardless of the team you choose. mss is more instant damage, any combo off RP is just going to knock a block off of your life bar. two 5 fierce combos kills almost anyone, especially with rp. msp makes you notice how much delay you have when psy comes out right after your rp assist and you miss a then get double snapped. psy also has some decent reach both horizontal and vert, given shes no cyke, ive still seen people get nailed by psy from near unconceivable (for her) angles.

each assist has an advantage. psy is invincible start up and keeps you airborn in stun until you land, and she will beat or trade with most point characters if they are attacking. assists seem to hex her out though…except sents rp…

rp is raw damage, but sometimes a little harder to combo from. face it no one will use drones unless they are using row, the idea of hurting the other guy is just too much to resist. a snap off rp is a little tricky, but it can be mastered, and the little dash up you have to do THEN snap i think gets bonus points for looking cool since they get dangerously close to the ground before it gets off hehe. and after 3 or 4 sent countercalls on psy or capcom, you notice it.

dont think the drones get short changed tho, imo i wouldnt use em with mss since storm runs away in the air and with mag the 5 fierce off rp is just too sweet. the blockstun off drones is nice, gives you a chance to trijump or high-to-low your opp while they are stunned, and its good head coverage since mss has no aaa to speak of save storms variety (genghis?)

true most would agree msp is the mss counter, but when the p is gone msp is pretty much crippled. but if sent gets double snapped > launch > killed then its the same story as a dead psylocke. true mag/psy has the dreaded beast mode, the mental advantages msp has is awesome. only scary spot about mss is when you get 5 fierced and are on the wake up since mag is in prime position to attack you at 4 angles then 5 fiercing again and killing you.

ending this discovery channel special, i put my vote on mss. if your sent can function without an aaa you can play mss somewhat effectively. 3 reasons why: mss is 3 god characters, it can do mega dmg without resets, and id rather be left with sent than psy in the last 10 seconds of a match, dunno about you guys tho hehe.

mss because everyone in it is a threat on point. psy doesn’t suck but I’d give sent a better chance as a point char than psy.

mag and storm are dead on both teams and a fully healthy sent goes up against an undamaged psy.


MSS can get rushed down while msp cant overall MSS is a stronger team cause it hurts more and has storm/sent dhc.

But mag/psy has too many options :smiley:

sorry to be off topic but ruin wtf did you get that lil’ eddy =D =D

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I thought MSP was completely overrated for years.

And for years, it really was. It was all wild randomness and it either won by a lot or lost by a lot.

Then came Justin’s modern MSP. Not the goof-off version he had at Evo that Combofiend beat years ago, the one he plays now. No randomness. No wildness. Just pure, in-your-face control that doesn’t let you freaking move without getting it handed to you. Every movement is for a reason. Nothing is wasted. He just sets the table and makes you eat it. He controls you from start to finish.

Before I saw Justin’s MSP I’d have said MSS in a heartbeat. Now… I don’t even think it’s close, and in the opposite direction. I’m even prepared to say that no Magneto player is going to beat Justin’s MSP as he plays it now until they find a way to take that control away from him.

MSP. Then Santhrax. Then MSS. Then Team Scrub.

Just my opinions.

if msp is so good for all the reasons stiltman listed, (none of which includes resets) the real question is why doesn’t anybody play ms cyclops? because msc gives you more control, and time than msp. if msp beats mss-a in their matchup because good aaa vs no aaa, msc beats mss-a too.

msc also handles sent/cap better, mag/cable/sent-a better, stuff with doom in it, mst, better compared to msp. so in the end msp is only better because of resets, and it sets up easy snapback infinites.

oh yeah cyclops>psylocke too.

Actually, when Justin last came to Seattle, he -did- play MSClops. Against basically every one of the upper tier Seattle players. Tore everyone a new one with it, too.

I talked to him a bit about it and he said he still believed that MSP was a better team, but that MSC has fewer bad matchups. Sent/Commando being one of the key ones that suddenly stops working quite as well. I would imagine that Team Combofiend probably also would work a bit less against MSC than MSP as well.

I think MSS-Drones > MSP > MSS-RP in terms of those 3 teams going against each other. I’m probably one of the few that still think MSS-Drones is a good tourney team (Deus is probably the most notable MSS-Drones player today, while Shady K was OG MSS-Drones), and through my experience (as well as Deus handing my ass to me countless number of times back in the day), MSS-Drones gives MSP problems in which the Drones can disrupt MSP’s flow (and gives Magneto control of the match) whereas MSS-RP gets beaten by MSP (Psy eats Sent-RP alive if the MSS-RP does the usual plant-&-rush strategy almost everyone does).

However, if you were to pit those 3 respective teams against all the other tourney teams like Sent/Storm/CapCom and Sent/Cable/CapCom variants, I’d say it’ll be a tie between MSP and MSS-RP, with MSS-Drones behind because of the number of assists that can blow through Sent-Drones.

Actually not many assist can defeat drones, unfortunately capcom eats drones alive. He stay too low for drones to hit, corridor disable all three drones at once, break Sent armor and take a good chunk of his life too. Also drones not very good against sent, lasers disable all drones, can fly over them and is usually paired with capcom. Every newbie start with sent/capcom combo so drones don’t get much use anymore.

I see my thread has lead to intelligent posting ! I will post an my thoughts later…

IMO, MSS-? just takes a little more skill to play. MSP has such an easy time comboing off Psyloch. Its so simple, whereas Magneto with Sentinel takes practice. Drones can be used for mixup but like it was allready said, the dammage rocket punch does is too much to resist. Overall, I would say MSS. MSP does good against most of the top tier teams except Santhrax(which just happens to be one of the most played teams out of the top tier) which becomes a major problem since half the people you play in a tourney are Santhrax players. If you can get good as Brandon or Jmar with MSS, i would put that team against any team. Even MSP.

the reason msc<msp is cuz msp gets double snapback setups n stuff. reason mss<msp is cuz one mag as at servere disadvantage, and ur banking on the msp player to be inexperienced, stuff like “just counter assist with rp” isn’t the answer to beating the msp. u basically have to block more to win, which gives msp advantage imo. mss just has comeback factor going for them (don’t get me wrong, i think mss is a fukin OG team, its the team i play, but im just tellin everybody what i’ve heard from top players and from my experience…)

msp=santhrax and maybe = scrub…then mss imo…4th best isn’t good enough for the mss players in this thread? haha