MSTron seems like an oddball at first, but it seems like a new enhanced dmg variation of MSP in exchange for less resets and combos.

Although it loses combobility i think the damage more than makes up for it…

so does MST > MSP? Discuss!

are you serious. The whole point of MSP is psylocke making Mags a god.

I wouldn’t compare the 2 by any means. But it is a interesting team.

against each other MST would win if they called out tron properly. i watched a vid of these two teams that tron killed psy in 5 seconds… no exaggeration. MSP is better though:nunchuck: :cybot:

Personally I like MST better, but then again i can’t use MSP well =P. Funny thing is some guy where i play at says that teams gay :wtf: This coming from some one who runs away with ever char he uses and then cries every time I catch him and do like 80%+ dmg combos =P.

I like MST for the raw dmg that its capable of with all the resets and also like the DHC a lot also. Some thing that is always fun to do is dash under people who just S-Jump all the time at the last second while calling tron on the other side, then tri-jumping and mix that sh!t up!

seeing that I use MST a lot, I believe it can hold its own against the top teams. However, one must remember that it’s not so much about your mag/tron, however goldy it might be. Rather based upon experience if you wanna stand a chance against a good santhrax or storm/sent based teams, your storm/tron has to be very good. Sent/cap can just zone storm tron to death, and that’s the problem with MST as a whole, there ain’t a solid AA to provide stability to the team. Oh and a good solo tron will help lots too, know some basic stuff like throw XX lunch rush combos, careful chipping with drill ,etc.

MSP is one of the best teams in the game because to put it simply, mag/psy opens up countless of opportunities for combos, resets, snapbacks and basically the whole works. To win with MST, you have to play a patient patient Magneto, something some people would find unaccustomed to, because mindlessly rushing with mag/tron’s gonna get you killed against a semi experienced MSP user.

Saying that however, I believe MST vs MSP ain’t a foregone conclusion. Just remember to punish miscalculated assist calls; j.hp addf hp hk + tron = ggpo psy. And once your opponenet sees his psy in the red and stops calling her, you’ve gained a huge foothold in the game. So yeah…it’s not over till its over,

just my 2 cents.