Mt. Pleasant 4 week pre-SSF4 GS tourny 3/28 4/4 4/11 4/18

4 weeks of Tournaments, and a free copy of SSF4 on the line
Points are given to everyone and are added up at the end.
1st gets 5pts, 2nd gets 4pts, 3rd gets 3pts, 4th gets 2pts, 5th and below get 1 point each.
1.Ryry (pts)
2. Foomy (pts)
3. WINBACK (3pts)
4. UEZ (2pts)
5.Disinnie (1pts)
5.J3W (1pts)
5.Steve (1pts)
5.Jason(WAKA FLOCKA FLAME) (1pts)
5.Andrew C (1pts)
5.Aimforthefeet (1pts)
5.Andrew B (1pts)
5.Tanner (1pts)

Fuck yes, I’m winning.


yey for 5th…oh wait everyone got 5th :rofl:

yo wheres this at? is it too late to sign up for this?

No it’s not too late, you can play whenever but you’ll be behind on points.

Information (see “UPCOMING EVENTS”):