Mt.Sac SF4 Tourney Results 4/11


1)Ken I. (Rufus)
2)Edma (Ken, Blanka, Akuma, I think 5 other characters, I don’t remember, this fool plays the whole cast)
3)Kai (El Fuerte, Chun li)
4)Keno (Balrog, Sagat)

I don’t remember the rest of the results, someone plz feel free to post the rest since I don’t have the brackets. I think about 48-52 people showed up. It was a lot of fun.

Who got 5th? Was it Jack and Moval?

P.S. And KOFiend is your DADDY!!


Recorded matches are online from getyourtournaments channel. Thanks for coming out to record as always =)


i said “YOU ARE the baby daddy”.


9th place AGAIN!!!


Vic… why you so slik?




damn i was so close to top 8, hahaha i think i got top 10 or something like that. so many people showed up, good times.

can you post the full brackets?


Good Stuff Keno,

Keep holding down that Rog army!

Ps. give me the power of your keno eye!


Ken I is the best. :sad: I guess that’s revenge for the Denjin tournament.

Thanks for running the tournament. My only complaint is that basically there was no sound on any of the setups. But other then that, everything was ok.

Kai - Thanks for waking me up by beating me and pissing me off. I was half asleep our first match.

Shout outs to SIN, Pigadoken, Tatsu, Kai, Jack, and Keno for making all my matches hard.


Vic The Purple Shit - Thank you for having this event. I enjoyed myself.
Ken I - Congrats on winning TWO tournaments in one day! Your the man!
Ed Ma - Its always a pleasure playing you. Someday I will take a round.
Kai - We will have our match next time. o0o0o Siiiiiicccckkkk.
Mike Ross - Play Honda, no more Gief!
Pigadoken - We play once every 3 months. We need some more games in!
Bryant - Why does this always happen. Last 3 tournaments we have had to play eachother.
The Legend Of Lore - My Sagat was a curve ball. See ya at Video94.
Jay Wang - Im still trying to hold it down for the Rog Army!


Get out of the Army Keno! You’ve been drafted to the Poon Puncher army!


Vic or peoples there: did anyone turn in a p2/ps2 adapter or some oakley sunglasses? lost both of them there.


fun tourny

vicious: i was mad antsy to play my 1st match. i had to wait a good 1.5/2 hours to play you. ggs.
ed ma: i haven’t played any real players aside from a casual with dentron/nasir. the uppercut battles were fun and i like that lil jump in corner trick u had. fun, fun match.
keno: patience is a virtue and you’re on point with that. i gotta practice up with sagat for the next 3 month match.
mark?: fun match between you and i. your honda > my ryu. i had to pull the turtle power out with sagat.
black pyro: fun playing casuals with you. your abel gives me problems. =]
vic: thanks for throwing the event

until next time…


ggs to everyone. FUCK BALROG.

Mike Ross: one word - SERVANTS.


tourney was fun and ran fast with all the setups. only wished the sound was set louder.

good shit to all the placers


MOVAL Balrog is awesome! When are we gonna play!!!?


I think Cody quit sf4 after the tourney





VictheSlik please get back to me or Gootecks when you have the time.


You can usually find him in his closet. :rofl:


is there gonna be 2nd tourney?

How were the girls? hot or not?