Mtl May Thread

K well since everybody thinks the mtl thread is dead, im gonna prove it wrong and bring some life into it.

first of all, if there is gonna be a tournament on may 8th, then theres a good chance ill actually be able to participate, but u guys have to officialize it first, ass ottawa peeps are confused as it doesn’t seem like its gonna happen.

second of all, im not gonna hate on you guys, but im gonna be honnest.

the april thread was a horrid read. some random points I noticed:

the same 4 peeps posted a lot of stuff that are just so bllllaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh, in other words useless posts.

theres only so many times a person can aiith man from mao before it really gets boring.

also, people that are mad at me cause im most probably not gonna go to ecc need to realize something: This is my last semester in college and I don’t want to flunk it because I participated at a videogame tournament, so u guys need to chill and let me fucking get through this thing, as its really important for me. basially, im gonna finish school a lot earlier than ecc, but my final english essay is due on may 29th, and I plan on using that time given until the due date to write a great final piece, so bare with me k. I really don’t care if this is the last “major” mtl is gonna particpate in, because, I know u guys will be back at mira to play some more and maybe go to nec or something…who fuckin knows, so to a certain person who told me that ecc will be when us mtl players will know if all our playing was for nothing…euh guy…I play the game mostly cause I have fun getting beasted by ure c-sagat or a-sak, I don’t really care if I do badly in a tournament cause its just a game.

oh and im the new photo hunt champion as well. now two high scores have to beat…try that guys!!!

(pictures rene,victoire and Louis getting pissed at me again…classic)


Anyway,Tourney is on the fucking 8th.I will be there to rig the brackets as usual.If you dun show up,no one fucking cares.We’ll make it with 8 people like always.Im not just talking to fred but to all the others too.

Ps: Wow you got it right this time Fred! MAY!

I agree, it was annoying in the end, but those posts were as useless as when you say you’re gonna participate in a tournament time and time again, and never show up (ECC for example) :bluu:

Nah, just kidding …

So … you guys are seriouse about this tournament ?

edit : Fred, please try to make it this time:rolleyes:

I didn’t even know ppl were going to ecc…

Fred why don’t you finish the essay early ? ECC is a great tournament and if I could go I would.

Who kill Julien Robinson ?

Nadir, here are the codecs I was talking about: (AC3 codec) (XviD codec)

If you still have trouble, check if to see if you have the latest drivers for your dvd player and if all fails I’ll give you the other CD.

Is anyone interested in a soccer game this thursday night ?

We’re playing in the south shore field at around 5-6pm. It’s a big field so we need alot of players. Let me know if you’re interested and by wednesday I’ll confirm the game and how many players we’ll be.

Sale traite:mad:

YEA who kill julien robinson>>??? AITEEEE! i know …you know who kill him aiteeee!:lol:

this tread is dead so is mtl stf…agree it or not…but it’s true aiteeeeeeeeee! u knowwwwww m saying ! aiteeee…pis a tu 2 gouttes a me passer man?

Tony :
alright !! I’m up for it, hopefully it’s not gonna rain :bluu:

JD :
I tried everything and finally got it to work, but it’s not smooth, it’s almost like playing CS with a 300 ping :lol: plus the 3rd svcd don’t work at all.
So here is the deal, I’ll give u back your cds and u get me the other stuff I asked u , I’m probably gonna download the film in a week or so anyways .

Mao :

please, stop this shit, it’s not funny anymore. If u don’t, we’ll ask MrWizzard to ban u from SRK for spamming :stuck_out_tongue: :wink: :slight_smile:

one more thing, u don’t have to quote Fred’s entire post to just write two sentences, you could’ve just put it this way :

  • Fred :
    insert your sentences

or :

insert your sentences

or :

insert your sentences

or maybe :

insert your sentences

oooooooooooook !! I gotta stfu and stop spamming :o :bluu:

ok see how the thread is becoming lame again?

I liked the thread since there were posts from new peeps. But once you hear useless random comments like:

**YEA who kill julien robinson>>??? AITEEEE! i know …you know who kill him aiteeee!

this tread is dead so is mtl stf…agree it or not…but it’s true aiteeeeeeeeee! u knowwwwww m saying ! aiteeee…pis a tu 2 gouttes a me passer man?**

Then this thread is dead.


anywho, my essay is due may 25th. not may 29th, so euh, I guess that means theres a better chance of me going to the tourney, just got to find someone to replace me, ill update u guys about the situation as fast as I can

Ill replace you for ur work…hmmmm l33t girlz…

hum you didn’t say anything usefull to help this tread as well dude hahahahah…just to remind you this is a tread…and who are the new peeps that post???..i don’t see any …Alex don’t post alot…vess…vic…prez…jfl…none of them really post …and that why i said mtl tread is dead…and all the best stf player are not playing arcade alot anymore…coz they play on console online game …only good player who still play …vessna…

ps: and do u know who really kill julien robinson…???:lol:

i will be there on thursday like i told u tony…

i wanna see some of you scrubs there…

Shiiiiiiiiit !! just witnessed two white nigga wannabees acting like fools.

One of them said he was drunk so he couldn’t get home by bike. He wanted to get in the bus with his bike, but the bus driver wouldn’t allow him.

From that point, there was a long argument, but, meanwhile; the bus driver pressed his magic button to call the police; so they called him to check what’s going on. The guy with the bike got off, but one them stayed inside acting like a fool :lol: Before he went out, he said I’m gonna pull a Jackass and stood on the front wheel of the bike (which was detached) and rolled out :lol:
In the end, when we took off, that guy spat on the bus :eek:

keep it real !!


check your PM.


The guy spat on the bus? I saw a bus driver refuse someone because they didn’t have a Student ID and he got spat on. :evil:

So, what day is the tournament this week… Saturday?

who going to be in the tournament anyways…???

that all i guess…lolz
wow wow can’t wait to participated:lol: :lol: