Mtl May Thread

Ottawa is comming too fool
stay home if you dont want to come fool.

:confused: :rolleyes: :bluu:

I know it’s nothing, I have seen worst than that :lol:

for those soccer fans, watch the match on TSN, it’s crazy … 3 goals in one half :eek: monaco just scored another one as I’m typing :lol: so that makes 4 goals and there is still half a hour to go :eek:

If you come I’ll play you for money in CvS2.



Soccer is confirmed for tomorrow, we are 12 players for now.

However, we changed the location, its close to Atwater, and seb and nadir you can meet me at atwater and we’ll meet zoobomb and take the car to go.

hum…depand how much u ready to play …
i will play you 5$ games
for at least 5 games…what u think?? i be there if i can…i update u about this if u still DEAL with it?:cool: :lol:

JD… don’t take what mao says seriously, he lies most of the time.

He wasn’t making copies of movies and he’s not gonna play you for money.

hahah tony your right about the lies…but about the game bet is real!:cool:

suuurrrre guy :rolleyes:

Tony, if everything goes right, I’ll be there around 17h15. I’ll give u a call before I come.
btw, besides those that I met last time we played together, who’s gonna be attending ?

Hey Tony, where at Atwater are you playing and what time? I’ll show up with some players.

Mao: Sure.

il va avoir quoi aujourd’hui:confused:?
ninja sentinel les jeux:(

oops !! je t’es pas oubli, mais c juste que a me tente plus d’aller MIRA. Laisses moi ton numro de tlphone pour qu’on s’arrange, je vais probablement venir Vendredi.

Aujourd’hui, y a juste un matche de Soccer cot du mtro Atwater. Moi et Tony et peut etre JD, nous allons nous rencontrer l’Anjeu vers 5h15, si tu veux jouer avec nous autre, t’es le bien venu.

WHERE AT ATWATER?! I live 5 minutes away from Atwater…

Sorry JD I left home before I read your post. If I knew I would of called you. Next time.

BTW we played at a field west of atwater, from atwater and st-catherine you walk west 4-5 blocks and its there.

Too bad Nadir got injured and Seb got injured just 10 minutes after he started playing lol…

:lol: :lol: we got owned so badly, but I’m not really surprised, my hamstring was hurting me a little bit yesterday :bluu:
At least we kept playing although we were injured :stuck_out_tongue:
Hopefully, we’ll get better before we play again.

anyways, gg.

JD :
Nigga please, you could have just read my previouse post, even though it was in French.
You better come next time :slight_smile:

Rene : tu sais c quoi le numero de telephone de Sam ? pm moi le

p.s.: Sam from 2000+ asking me for a lighter made my day :lol: :lol:
oh yeah, JD, put that shit :stuck_out_tongue:

Omfg… Otaku = Me

GG Otaku.No wonder I liked his style.

I think we’re playing soccer again next wednesday around same time 5-6pm

Just a reminder that the Cvs2 tourney tommorow starts at 4pm.
CvS2 only at 3$ Pay per play and stuff.

Is zoobomb the dude from Australia who was in mtl like 2-3 years ago?

Yes he is.