Mtl September thread


September has arrived, cry laugh or simply dont care, summer is over, and for some school is restarting/has re-started, and for others its the same old same old shit.

anywho, begin conversations


You suck


:angel: tsu tsu donzuko donzuko


Rene is my BIATCH


wtf so random :clap:


yes im your biatch


Hey are the mvc2 controls repaired at Mira? Damn cuz the 2000 ones are fucked up as hell


Yes, the technition came today to repair the jab punch on player1 everything works fine.


swweeeeeeeeeet time for some SCRUB


Anyone coming to play mvc2 today at around 4pm?


Fuck you Alex ma aller a g-zone and log off bitch!


Omg la Ronde is so boring XD I was sleeping all night LOL 2 fucking hours to get in the vampire that was torture X.X fucking 30 secs ride


nice call Fred on not going , nice call

“self high five”


Haha…we were only able to get in 2 rides…after that,that fucking frog thingy scammed me…SCAMMED!!!



I planned to go to but I said it wasnt worth going it



Oh yeah well I give myself five high fives for beating you FIVE TIMES IN A ROW. YOU CAN’T DENY ME FRED, YOU CAN’T DENY ME… I’M TOO REAL FOR YA !!

I’m greek and it’s the eurocup everytime I beat you or vess haha… skills.


Greeks gets lucky as usual nothing new.


im so boredddddddd…
Anyone at mira for 3s today? Say 6 pm


From Sherdog forums :

"A friend of mine actually thinks the movie Rocky was based on a real fighter, called Rocky Balboa. "

"You need to alert your friend that his mother might have possibly smoked crack during her pregnancy with him. "


I own rene in gunz