Mtl Tourney Result 29/03

First of all…Good games yall.It was ,like always,a great tourney,except for the weather.Anyway I would like to thank All the ottawa peeps for comming to Mtl.Real cool hanging with you guys :cool: .And also props to Ratio1Beatdown for comming here too. Anyway …



1st- Regan"Prez’Phillips
2nd- Alex"ArcadeKid"Duong
3rd- Roger"Ratio1BeatDown"(Toronto)
4th- William"Flowcus"Duong
5th- Jay"jreinert13" (Ottawa)
5th- Lars"Justdefend"
7th- Brett
7th- John "Gwai Lo!!"
9th- Igatona
9th- Jean-Nicola
9th- Sebitch"Nagen"Finnigan

Finals:4-3 Prez Very exciting matches.
I would have been first If I had participated but…you know…Brood Crew is Broke.


1st- Rene"[color=red]Mana-boy"Lok[/color] I-no/Ky
2nd- Fred"FreddyLoco" Axel boumba!
3rd- Seb"Nagen"Finnigan Anji Mito/Testament
4th- Pek"Heeropek"Thul Millia Rage
5th- Alfredo Dizzy(This guy is Random!!)
5th- Alex"ArcadeKid"Duong Potemkin
7th- Vict"aZnBoY"Van Dizzy/Jam/Chipp
7th- Pet"BookerT"Proumchaiya(quelque chose de meme) Johnny
9th- Varony"Neiochu"Chay Dizzy >_<
9th- Jon"Zivilyn Bane" Fake I-no
9th- Igatona Random Faust!!

Finals: 4-0 Damn…Fred wasnt playing really well. So I just took advantage and raped him good! => Good Game.
This is the first time I See a girl play(In canada)very well…Hope you get better .


1st- Seb"Nagen"Finnigan (w00t!!)
2nd- Shady"AkenianG"
3rd- Nadir"Master ken"
4th- Johnatan
5th- Alex"ArcadeKid"Duong
5th- Rene"Mana-boy"Lok
7th- Igatona
7th- Den
9th- Sam"Binarystar"Lou
9th- Sophak

Comments: w00t! :wtf: Seb sucks!!! He loses to my random shit but gets first! w00t! :wtf:

Conclusion: Neiochu owns me. Sam sucks. Brood Crew is Broke. I am the GGXX champion! Prez Sucks. Jd: Jo sucks.Alex sucks(Random!!).Flowcus sucks. Gwai Lo owns. Jay is oki. Mira’s tech sucks.Ultracade at 50cents sucks.Where Kof2k2? Should I drink some shut up juice now?

Good stuff Ration1BeatDown … aka Roger

Arcade kid is a parrying machine…

all I have to say about Alfredo is that he’s a funny style :lol: you should see what he does in casual as Dizzy is doing her super :lol:

Man !! I really thought Fred was gonna win, but anyways, GJ for raping him :smiley:

Seb sucks so bad :lol: j/p
Shady should thank Seb for putting Alex and john in the losers bracket, and me for eliminating them, or else he wouldn’t place top 2 :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh yeah, my mag was as good as an assist only, I think I played better with commando :lol: I should have smoked “du boum” :lol:

:lol: As I said before, mtlsf = jobless and brocke motherfuckers :lol:

no A3 ?


whatever happend to the mtl cvs2 players?
sotha, fred, veasna, JFL, temujin, that k-groove guy etc…

and yes T.O is too good…

wow alex uses P now?!?!

To tell the truth, nobody cares about cvs2 anymore.
Veasna, jfl, and Temujin couldn’t paticipate due to personnel reasons.

fuck i suck… i could of ahvb Nadir like 200 times but shit didnt come out.
imma get some footage of the tourney later this week or something.

How the hell does Alex parry everything?
Best part was when he was chasing prez with Blanka. Prez’s vega is too funny.

also saying shut up juice,gtfo,stfu in real life is funny.Alex and Rene combo is too funny.

Glad to met the peep in mtl n shit. And thanks for coming with us for the quest for the holy hotel (Alex,Rene, JD)

edit: fuck:mad: :slight_smile:

Yea, the footage from arcade kid and prez is crazy shiet… i dont think we go all the finals tho…

Alex’s parrying was fooking insane … thanks for putting me against him first round :smiley: