MTLSF INFILTRATION II Results (Montreal, Quebec)

Another great tournament, thanks to all the players who came out!

1: Pringles
2: Song
3: Karamba
4: FreddyLoco
5: Master Mao
5: PTS One
7: CP
7: Snafoo
9: Rameo
9: HvE
9: Mana-Boy
9: Prez
13: radisonfire
13: BuddahForce
13: MJ
13: Trini
17: MTLer
17: Marc
17: Rebello
17: T-Double Turbo
17: Mosh
17: Shab
17: G-Kill
17: JR
25: Van
25: Mart McFly
25: ThirtyHitCheapz
25: Zakky
25: Daocat
25: Darklyte
25: Willix
25: Inter
33: Lightz out
33: Grimwall
33: Subninja
33: Maoi
33: Prodigy
33: Gabriel
33: Fred
33: Kai
33: Sternie
33: CrankyPunk
33: Thehypeguy
49: Crazedmodder

Bracket Image here. GGs!

Stay tuned to for videos, and the next event announcement soon!
(hint: Start rallying your teammates)

Okay! A damned smooth tourney, we got from round one to top 8 in 2.5 hours!

Shoutouts to:

  • Ryan, hope you enjoyed celebrating Montreal style! You earned it.
  • Henri, for the impromptu assistance in running the brackets! Much appreciated, sir.
  • Master Mao! The man delivered key assistance in running the brackets, delivered god tier culinary skills AND delivered the most exciting match of the event! Mad props!
  • All the Sauga boys that make the trek down! Always a good time.
  • Prez, for a fun interview that you guys will catch with MTLSF podcast episode 3. “Make that quarter last.”
  • Lightz Out, aka youtube kid, good show for your first tourney man! Don’t take losses too hard on yourself, just use it as fuel.
  • Willix, Duc, Zakky, names I’m always sitting next to in results - we’ve gotta break outta the mid-tier, mang.

Hate-outs to:

-Hopkins, for being half a bitch fighter, half performing actor in the ring with RJJ last night. What a crock. Veas robbed my 10bux.

Just a correction. Carry on…

GGs to everyone as usual!

  • Rebello … I won’t comment on this :rofl: but GGs still
  • Rame, good matches I’ll figure out how to pressure you to do what I want one day. One day … :china:
  • Richard, GGs I’ll keep practicing my Cammy and Seth so that I can give you a hard time like you give my Ken :smile:
  • Danny, GGs glad I got to play extra matches with you this time. You’re sick and your combos/mixups with Seth are crazy, you and Richard are actually the reasons I wanted to try him out … even though I suck with him :lol:. The only problem? Seth = 700HP & Ken’s EX SRK=240dmg+crazy invincibility. I’m not scared of being punished when the reward is that high so your mixups become really dangerous for both of us :lol:
  • Mike, GGs first time I played your Sagat. Focusing my step kicks was giving me trouble. If I did the step kicks a little to deep instead of backdashing you should’ve just let it go in my face. Sagat’s FA range isn’t great so I’m not sure how deep I have to be but pretty sure it would work well.
  • Pierre, GGs! I will find out about those hats soon I will send an email tomorrow if I don’t forget :sad: Man your TE has been changed so much (PCB, buttons, stick) that it’s not even right to call it a Madcatz TE anymore. It’s a Pierre TE.
  • Van, GGs soon enough I will figure out how to get around those annoying slow ass long range pokes of yours. Then you’re in trouble. Plus I have to get out of those stupid Izuna Drops after untechable knockdown :crybaby:

Also GGs to Sternie and Daocat in the tournament!
Anyone else I didn’t mention but I played, GGs to you to!

Plus lol at 43rd! not 49th yay! I’m so good I sit alone in the results!

ggz to pringles lol i was so close in winning your lucky that medium punch never came out when i pressed it then a late uppercut out well i guess shit happens (I’m too used to my tv at home) when u fucked up with the tiger knee too close ggz bro I’m Disappointing in my results i played scrubish well i am only human they are going to be times when I’m off but i will be back mtl is a beautiful city and had treated me well thanks for everything

Ryan i hope to get a rematch soon bro

goodgame to all the people i have play!!
thank for all the appreciation guys your all welcome…
pringle hum…you played well :stuck_out_tongue: and you win it grats!!! heheeh
budda omg …the best match ive ever played in my life long long time ago LOL gg man!!
CP hey nice ken man!! gg man!!

peace all!! NP WOOLIE!! :slight_smile:

Yay for being seeded vs top player in 1st round again and getting another top player in 2nd round :wonder:
I duno who did the skill sets but ya …

Ah, yeah sorry crank, karamba into trini is a tough break. The skill rank was based on previous results, but only affects placement in a broad way, so they weren’t seeded to you directly, if that’s what you’re wondering.

ya i wouldnt comment either dont worry your not the first person i double perfected dont feel bad ggz

ya i wouldnt comment either dont worry your not the first person i double perfected dont feel bad ggz

karamba is a top player now?


I duno how much the skillsets came into play in the brakets but me being put as a SKILL 2 when Youtube Kid, Grimwall and others i clearly am above get 4 and up … i duno man whats up with that ? i know you try the best not to have Top players play each other out 1st round … but i mean since my 1st tournament all ive faced was always Top player 1st round while other get an easy way … anyways not asking to give me an easy path just i dont get how skill set was worked out when i saw names that CLEARLY aint above my level …

Anyone who didn’t participate in Nemesis or Inf1 got default 5, TO or MTL, but yeah it didn’t affect things much really.

Would you look at this, another Toronto player

The modesty is oozing from this post

ggs to willix, song, rameo and mastermao all were fun matches
it was good seeing the montreal guys again and meeting a few of the toronto guys
big thanks to francis for letting me use his stick, you saved my ass
and gs to woolie, henri and others who help run this event, it went smoothly and was alot of fun

ughh yeah because I didnt go i sent Pringles (TEAM GETTY) to go win… you know its that thing where we blaze then all of a sudden were champions

Team Getty = Canada

OH PRINGLES hurry up and come back to toronto so we can celebrate with a big fatty and me raping you in ssf4

Who’s this karamba guy anyway ??? oh yeah thats the guy who sent JS Master into looser last time they played in a TOURNAMENT, now I remember !!!

This is a pretty good thread, good read.

Sup Dice/Blazeman.

LOL u mean smokey’s house tournament where everyone was drunk/high?

perhaps u have forgotten how badly i owned u in T10 with your own character… but that’s okay, this will bring back ur memories