MTLSF INFILTRATION (Montreal, Quebec): Results

Match footage with commentary to be available on

Final Standings:

1: Chi-Rithy
2: BuddahForce
3: Chaos2D
4: Prez
5: Karamba
5: PTS-One
7: Heero
7: Rameo
9: FreddyLoco
9: Smokey
9: Dice
9: Master Mao
13: Jiigs
13: Trini
13: Van
13: Jericho
17: Jayson Boss
17: Kicko
17: Contra
17: T-Double Turbo
17: Andy
17: MTLer
17: Willix
17: ThirtyHitCheapz
25: Jensine
25: IRockTheVote
25: Inter
25: Renato
25: Smoon
25: BentoBox
25: HvE
25: Maoi
33: Cloud
33: Biohazard
33: Pwnted
33: SDmatt
33: Beyleh
33: Flambauche
33: Annabelle
33: Gonzo
33: Snafoo
33: Spadez
33: Tat
33: Dre
33: Magic
33: Hellraiser
33: CrazedModder
33: Gillette
49: CrankyPunk
49: Brown
49: G-Kill
49: Prismy

Everyone say it together now: Thanks Heeennrriiii haha

Finally, a tourney with zero technical issues! Looks like we’ve got the setup details on lock. Good shit, JC and Cranky.
Jin, as usual the venue was laid out for maximum efficiency and everything went swimmingly.

GGs Buddah, my TO rival - you got the upper hand now, no question. We’ll see next time!
An epic set of top 8 matches, the way we usually do. Look forward to the vids popping up soon.

Lastly, thanks again to NCBA for taking the opportunity to sponsor an event for the community, despite the community not properly responding to this opportunity.

Good job to Henri for taking 1st place. As well as the others who placed top 8.

Will be there at the first Infiltration after SSFIV’s release date so that I can avoid being a pot monster. :rofl:

Will look forward for the videos.


How does one “respond properly” to an event like this?

Good shit henri in reppn STC…the sad part is…the rest of mtl need to step up they game. Sauga taking 2nd and 3rd? Whatttttttt

Shouldn’t have been so vague - I asked some montrealers for help in advertising to the public, because the sponsored prize was huge, so there needed to be enough attendees to make it worth it. The help didn’t come so much, so the numbers didn’t hit what they have in the past.

With all due respect, a large turnout should never be the primary reason why a sponsorship is fulfilled and/or continued with. It’s up to the sponsor to assess all factors and budget accordingly whether there’s 8 or in this case a needed 80 (a ridiculous number btw for a scene that averages around half that amount). If you do your prelim work and realize you can’t afford to sponsor within conservative estimates then don’t sponsor. It’s cut and dry business.

Wasn’t the prize just a one-night stay in an Ontario hotel?

Yep, and he claimed it.


Can you please post brackets?

Nice work, Henri.

damn, i woulda won this one too. gs guys.

from mtl thread.