MTLSF Montreal Thread 2011

2010 was an AMAZING year for MTLSF!!! :woot::woot::woot: Now in 2011 lets continue to grow , learn and strive to be the best.


Heh, Prez continues the tradition time after time.

MTL, you wouldn’t even believe me if I told you what we have in store for you guys in 2011. Shit just got REAL. GGs everyone!



in b4 penis



also, jumping the gun a bit there Prez? 37 hours left to go.

This thread is the “Montreal Street Fighter Montreal Thread 2011”. :wgrin:

I have just received my stick, shit just got real! =)

coming back tonight boys. I know heero missed me the most.

pass by my place first then…you’ll receive a warm welcome

A cumshot to the face?

Mtlsf get hype for 2011!

Yoooooo… :confused:

Jimmy sad cuz he aint having bukkake? Get hype! 2011!

I turned from “who is this scrub” to “i want this guy in my team NOW!” in a year yeahhhhhhhhh all thnx to the best players in the east coast. Inc craziest year 2011 get HYPE!

HQ is open for the day !

We’ll play soon then.

I thought the same thing.

I have a question about SSF2THD. There’s this achievement (Combomaniac), where you have to do a 7 hit combo or more.
I went in Training Mode, picked Ryu, and I was trying f+HP, c. MP, c.MK xx super, but the super wasn’t connecting on Cammy.
So I picked Dhalsim as the dummy ( I think Itabashi Zangief said he had a larger frame, but what do I know…), so I did the combo (9 hits), but didn’t get the achievement.
Do I have to do it in a particular mode? Was it because I did it after a stun?

EDIT: Ok, well it’s not because of the stun, because I tried close super (3 hit) to f+HP, c. MP, c. HK for 7 hits.
Also hyped for 2011.

Pretty sure training mode does count for that achievement. If I remember correctly, I got it with a Boxer jab-jab-super in training mode. Mad Zero unlocked it on like 5 different consoles at NCBA with Deejay crossup combos during matches, hahah. If the game recognizes it as a 9-hit combo in-game then you should get the achievement no problem.

The only thing I can think of is that you might have done the 9-hitter with an offline account instead of with your online one.

A new thread deserves some new pictures…

You all seen this already …

Here is Phase 2 of my project:

Yes indeed a 2nd head to head station … enough space Cranky ? hell yeah i moved the smaller tables from the left side on the right side :slight_smile:
So officialy the right side has Stations: 1-2-3-4 (Including 2 head to head)
left side has Stations: 5-6 + the 3 arcade cabinets (Station 6 will also have the Dreamcast on it in case anyone wants to play and Station 5 is the usual 3rd strike cabinet / veas station lol)

Also Notice station 6 has no xbox right now as we have two xbox 360s to get fixed … People said they would take them to get fixed and both have not moved since …

This is just a little something to kick it the hype way into 2011 !!


Oh yeah one last thing … added a nasty sound system on the MAIN station that can be loud enough to make the rest of the tenants cry hehehe

CrankyPunk is God

Don’t make that girl who wanted a deck of cards cry tho :slight_smile:
Did you hooked up the mic to it also for some live shit talking hehe?

Good shit Pierre, I especially like the dreamcast attention, that’s nice, thanks man.

Good Shit Pierre! Is that my tv on the main station?

For those of you who bought a 4gb xbox slim and want to upgrade your Hard Drive neatly and not the super diy way (which isnt that bad anyway).
DealExtreme: $8.91 HDD Hard Disk Drive Case for Xbox 360 Slim (Black)

Who wants to group buy this shit? Im down for one…

Vivek no its Henri’s Asus lcd … your tv is in the corner sleeping lol take it back next time i guess we only use it to watch streams lol