MTLSF Nemesis 2 Results Thread [Jan 8th @ Montreal, Canada] : SONIC BOOM EDITION

Quick and dirty SSF4 results for now, shoutouts, HDR, Tekken and BB to follow:

Super Street Fighter IV:

128-man bracket

  1. Dieminion
  2. Rebello
  3. Chi-Rithy
  4. Eric Hai
  5. Sabin
  6. JS Master
  7. FreddyLoco
  8. Chaos2D
  9. Heero
  10. MTLer
  11. Buddahforce
  12. Teddy Bauza
  13. Snafoo
  14. Trini
  15. G-Force
  16. Shine
  17. Karamba
  18. Loofus
  19. Rami
  20. Killacam
  21. Prez
  22. Cang
  23. JiiIgS
  24. PTS One
  25. Jensine
  26. CP
  27. Master Mao
  28. SARS
  29. Kazuhiro
  30. Beyleh
  31. NerdJosh
  32. Rameo
  33. MTL Kai
  34. Swissbeats
  35. Basics
  36. Xelotath
  37. Jimmy Bones
  38. Cheeky
  39. Keanu Freeves
  40. MJ
  41. Dryph
  42. Rockman
  43. Zako
  44. G-Kill
  45. Mana-Boy
  46. MarcoXD
  47. Grimwall
  48. Akuma Matata
  49. Troika
  50. Yomi
  51. Reggie
  52. Day5b
  53. Leftyflip
  54. HvE
  55. DudleySF
  56. Prismy
  57. Gillette
  58. familyman
  59. T Double Turbo
  60. ThirtyHitCheapz
  61. DarkDragon
  62. SA2
  63. Smokey
  64. Mike D
  65. x0n
  66. EX Matt
  67. Fearoux
  68. Crankypunk
  69. Steb
  70. Lolbudha
  71. Geneijin87
  72. Wooush
  73. Thickrich
  74. Inter4k
  75. NightShade
  76. Contra
  77. Willix
  78. Locklas
  79. irockthevote
  80. Snith
  81. Kiko
  82. Cerberus FX
  83. Hook
  84. Lokisky
  85. Drekken
  86. CNPR
  87. Scythe
  88. Jayson Boss
  89. D33Z33
  90. Savage Shrubber
  91. Nomac
  92. John
  93. Tomle
  94. Great Than
  95. Duelle
  96. Psychochronic
  97. Monika
  98. Noobinabox
  99. Pepui
  100. Bricked
  102. Superbeard
  103. Kuro
  104. MadMarc
  105. Sideshow Bawb
  106. Derq
  107. DDRgasm
  108. DK
  109. Sage
  110. Renato
  111. RXS
  112. Vinh
  113. Don Draper
  114. Meerskat
  115. Fregon
  116. PLA Soldier
  117. kr3wman
  118. Setsumaki
  119. Adolfo
  120. Smoon
  121. Nanaya
  122. Cassidy613
  123. Steve S
  124. KoolJayJammer
  125. Maqboub
  126. JR
  127. Chinta
  128. AAATP

(Typing this from beyond the grave. GGs Street Fighter, you finally killed me dead.)

Bigger than I had ever hoped! Take notice, Canada, this is just the start.

The Staff:

Shoutout to my partner in crime, the Crankster - Pierre, you already know how we do. This one was your baby, man! Ready to blow this shit up to the next level ou koi?!

Shoutout to **Kioshen **and Steve Krupa, infinitely, for the antiair-type and variable-type assists. It only dawned on me later that these dudes were so busy keeping things running smoothly from setup to primetime, that they didn’t even have time to enter the bracket. God tier volunteers. **Kingsley **too! Thanks for getting it done when it needed doing.

Shoutout to Sp00ky, the hardest working man in the fighting game community?. You dropped some knowledge on us man! I could tell from the bracket table, the stream was gdlk as usual. Hope you enjoyed a taste of the cold north, and thanks for the professional touch. Keep running this game.

The players who stepped up to keep the brackets rolling! Mana-boy, Trini, Marty, Smokey, SARS, you guys helped prevent disaster. Big ups!

**BladeOfJustice **and Iz_Good, **Thelo **and Jimmy Bones, it goes without saying, but the united Montreal fighting game scene is damn near unstoppable combined. BlazBlue HDR Tekken, hold it down! We going to keep doing it for sure, FORM UP LIKE VOLTRON.

Shoutouts to myself. I accomplished the goals I had set for the event.

The Sponsors:

FOOOONZOOOO. Haha, Jin, PTS-One, this old game again, still going on. Thanks for patiently letting a bunch of ragamuffins take over the joint for a minute, for the sponsorship, and for the sickest cabinet setup this side of the continent. May the sound of endless footsteps coming down those stairs continue! Duc, I saw that hotdog assist strike behind the counter, good jorb.

Uvixo Clothing - What a day! Thanks to our friends at **Uvixo **for coming down and having fun with us!

Shadalooand Montreal City Limousine for contributing and support!

The players:

Dieminion, Art, Josh - hope you enjoyed it! Thanks for making it out and for the sick matches. MTL eats that shit up. Congrats on taking it home Kev, hope you guys can reach again soon.

Top player STC_JS_Master and New legend STC_Eric_Hai, represent! Alway chill as fuck, good shit guys.

Rami! HQ Secret Weapon! Haha, padkuma pas rapport. You had a good shine this time man! Hell of a way to break out!

CP! Glad you could finally make it back up here Chris! GGs, you were the first shoto I’ve had trouble with in a while! Looking forward to a rematch soon!

Jensine! Fair and square sir, GGs, well played. Into the labs I go, until next time!

**MTLer **Vivek with the run-stop-random HQ products! LOL. Random shit indeed!

Everyone who helped out at any point, much love! Thanks for the equipment return during cleanup, Smoon!

And last but far from least, MTLSF all stars! Everyone that was part of the Canadian Border Defense.

Freddy.Fucking.Loco, you pulled out some sick shit, keep showing what we’ve got up here.

Snafoo! The wall! Yoga backdash these counterpickers all day man! You’ve got a target on your head because you drop bodies, remember that.

OG Legend Prez! Keep a watchful eye over MTLSF.

And my boy, BDV_STC_MTL_Chi-Rithy! The living legend! Brought the most hype match we have ever seen, since Richard at MAT. It’s like music man, keep your head up!

And once again, silent haters, keep doing your thing. Your hate is 4Loco to me, I drink it and power up.

cool tournament.

im sad there was no hnk.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix

Bracket results are kind of screwy at the mid and low end because of the uneven byes in the 22-man bracket, but here goes:

EDIT: I’ve added the characters played by everyone from memory, but I forgot for some people.

  1. GeneiJin87 (Balrog)
  2. Thelo (Honda)
  3. Song (Balrog, Chun Li)
  4. JaysonBoss (Sagat)
  5. Jimmy Bones (Balrog)
  6. NerdJosh (Balrog, Chun Li)
  7. Lofobal (Vega)
  8. Psychochronic (Chun Li)
  9. Contra (Honda)
  10. Blitzfu (Ryu)
  11. Familyman (Guile, Honda, Blanka?)
  12. Sage (Chun Li)
  13. SA2 (Guile)
  14. RXS (Honda, Vega?)
  15. PLA (?)
  16. Don Draper (DQed)
  17. Chester (Ryu?)
  18. Steve (Sagat)
  19. CP (?)
  20. Zacho (?)
  21. Mad Marc (?)
  22. Airmaster (Bison)

Great tourney Woolie, all of the hard work was evident. Shout outs to all MTLSFHQ staff who worked their asses off to make this happen. The venue was excellent.

good tournament guys!! by the way ill start with some props:

woolie and pierre good shit for running it guys!

tournament was cool but the results FUCKKK NIOOOOOOOOOOO! ALL THAT MONEY!!
where is my fucking FIGHT MONEY!!

hahaha je te lavais bien dit jimmy que geneijin allait gagner ce tournoi hahaha

My only two grips is at how loud it was (couldn’t hear any announcements from the SF side even with all the amplification towards the BB/Tekken area) and how cramped it was. Other than those two, the event was hella hype. Blade should be getting the results posted for BBCS eventually after waking up from his slumber or something.

Shoutouts to MBAA getting me disqualified in SSF4. and MTLSF for putting another great one.

who took out jsmaster and arturo?

Gs Kev.

Great stream team spooky.

I didn’t see you at the event :frowning:

Shoutouts to Cranky and Woolie (and JimmyBones for HDR) the event was hype as fuck. Shoutout to Foonzo café, pts one, jin, etc, that’s a real cool place you guys put up, I’ll make sure to pass by next time I go to mtl. And team spooky for their excellent job on the stream as always.

Also shoutouts to deodorant. It could have been worse with all the people in there.

I think I saw you, not sure. I know you were called up for SSF4 stream station. Maybe we were hanging around each other, chillin and just didn’t know it.

crazy weekend.

and also, the hypest event MTLSF has EVER put up.
Props to Cranky, Woolie, Foonzo and Spooky for putting it together and making it run smoothly.
thanks to the sponsors for showing up, nice eye candy
and of course, thanks to all of the out of towners who took the time to come to chilly Montreal.

congratulations to the top finishers. We all got sonic boomed hehehe

Props to the organizers, venue owners, team spooky for the stream and everyone who showed up!

Kevin dieminion you are fucking GODLIKE!!:pray:

Rebello’s guile belongs in the pantheon too; he bodied dieminion 3-0 in the first leg, IIRC.

He stands among a God…however he is not the Guile God. Dieminion is. All Hail EMP.

… and you still wear a powerglove … :rolleyes:

Ill post my props later today I cant type right now need more sleep …

Shoutouts to all of Canada much love! First time in Montreal was not long enough, I’ll have to come back up soon. Miss you guys and untill next time!

iirc, JS got sent to losers by Rebelo, Art got sent to losers by Teddy Bauza
JS got elimintated by Chi-Rithy, Art got eliminated by Eric Hai.