MTLSF - Nemesis 3 - Jan 14th 2012 @ Foonzo (MONTREAL)


You sure we cant do anything T_T?


Trini vs Ontario. Any takers?


Yes im sure…
The Venue owners also said 18+
The Venue has an alcohol license wich makes it 18+ sorry guys


Since Soul Calibur 5 is out at the end of January, I was thinking we could do a Soul Calibur side tournament. It’s all depending if we have participants though since we are (for the time being) 4 active Soul Calibur 4… Since Soul Calibur 5 is supposed to be closer do SC1-SC2, we can always do a side tournament with a different version then Soul Calibur 4.

Either way, I’m just throwing the idea out there… If no one is willing to participate, I’m not gonna take care of a 4 people tournament XD


The reason why their not doing any oother tournaments is because were probably not gonna have enough space theres already too many ppl for UMVC3 et AE foonzo is not big enough for all of our communities to have a tournament at the same time


Pretty positive Halifax is coming up for the yearly beat down. Looking forward to it!


good to hear !! bring that far east cost shit !


hmmmm this sounds like fun lol. I wonder what my hommies from sauga and gta are saying…


Smokey and I say u guys should come here, bro.


Hey loco come to MTL man we gotta chill


Yo I’m down to reach.


I’m going to drag myself along with the Halifax people.

I reckon this will be my first major. Hype.


How many of you are planning on coming?

In other news i challenge js ““master”” at Nemesis any amount! I also challenge Buddahforce. Challenge is a big word though, there will not be too much challenge there…


50$ on Trini if they accept the MM


I think the raffle Illuminati will have to expand its borders and attend this hypeness.


It looks like three of us will be going, if things go as planned.


I heard Arturo is 300% coming to steal our money. True/Fake?


Mk9 at nemesis?


Thanks for ur generous donations sir. I was looking for a source to fund my trip to this year’s Nemesis.


Ottawa will be there.