MTLSF presents: INFILTRATION [Event 1 of 3] (Montreal, Quebec) - MARCH 6th, 2010

Operation Infiltrate is go.

The next Montreal Street Fighter event, hosted and sponsored by NetChamp Battle Arena, is the INFILTRATION series. Introducing a series of 3 Montreal one-on-one qualifiers occuring until May. Right off the bat, each of these tournaments will offer a grand prize of 70% of the tourney pot + an NCBA paid trip to select destinations in Ontario (with friends!) + an NCBA sponsored bonus cash prize.

But the rules get interesting: If you have already won a previous INFILTRATION tourney, you cannot participate in another one. In other words, there will be 3 separate winners for each series event, and each will receive the same grand prize.


NetChamp Battle Arena
1822 Rue Sainte-Catherine Ouest, Montreal, QC H3H

Venue Fee: $10 for all day play at NetChamp Battle Arena
SF4 Tournament Fee: $10

Sign ups go from 3pm-5pm, the games begin at 5pm sharp.


[*]Rules, regulations and format will follow our standard Evolution style singles tournament brackets. 2/3 rounds, 2/3 games.

[*]No Turbo buttons.

[*]Any breaks in gameplay, deliberate or not, wil award a decision to player NOT responsible for the break, to either restart the round or accept the round win. Disturbances must be reported the moment they occur. If both players resume play consensually, there will be no reverse judgment on the results.

[]70% of Tournament pot
]A paid hotel room at select destination in Ontario
[*]A bonus gift prize sponsored by NetChamp Battle Arena.


[]March 6th, 2010
]April 3rd, 2010
[*]May 8th, 2010


Nagata sticky please

Just have to say, that poster is fucking awesome. :tup:

Hope you guys get huge turnouts for this.

too bad, cant attend the first one, gluck to all

That’s ok Fred. I’m going to take it anyways. Assuming I do go that day.

can i join?

Sure you can. Unless…MTL wants to tap out

More players equals more money for me. Bring your brothers and sisters too.

ill give you a rematch in mvc2 jsmater !!! so bring it on LOL

Which Console?


Yooooooooooooooo Get Hype mofos!!! Infiltrate dat ontarian A$$!!!

what happens if JS wins? does he get a trip?

Totally! All are welcome.

Lol js winning the tourney…

dont you know how to read?? the tourney is in mtl!!

It’s a legit question. I mean it is an open tournament right? It’s always possible that from someone from Ontario could show up and win it.

Open to anyone, just the additional prize is accommodation at a select location in Ontario, so that prize may be a waste on you guys, but nonetheless i believe its open to anyone.

sounds good. It’d just be silly if someone from Ontario won it only to get a hotel in their hometown. I figured you guys had that covered, but you didn’t state anywhere specifically so i thought i’d ask.

that’s okay. i don’t mind getting a free hotel in T.O. Can use it to party