MTLSF x LANETS @ Montreal, QC March 11th-13th 2011(ONLINE REG) (1000$ POT)

Hop aboard the HYPE train … Next Station MTLSF x LANETS

Welcome to Canada’s largest LAN event!
MTLSF in collaboration with LANETS proudly announce the implementation of Super Street Figther 4 as part of the MAIN line up!

What is LANETS ? Lan ETS 2011 - Home
LANETS is a huge LAN event held yearly in the city of Montreal. Last year they even hosted the Canadian WCG qualifiers. LANETS offers PC and Console tournaments with big numbers of players! The venue is AMAZINGLY BIG !

Videos from previous events:

How will this work ?
Pretty simple all the tourney info for SSF4 will be posted here and if you want to be part of the PC LAN tournaments check out the info on their website.
yes you can pay at the door if you cant pay online BUT YOU MUST REGISTER ONLINE.

Promotional stuff to come this week :slight_smile:

UPDATE: i just got confirmation that the 800$ pot is staying even if we are not 80 players !!! Get hype fuckers !!! Also remember 200$ bonus pot from uvixo & mtlsfhq

**Opening hours / closing

Admission starts at 6:00pm on Friday evening.

The event (tournaments and prize winnings) ends at 5:00pm on Sunday afternoon. However, due to unpredictable delays, it is possible that activities end later than the anticipated time.

Visitors must respect the opening hours of the hall, from 8:00 to 23:00. It will not be permitted for any visitor to be present outside these hours. Participants with a ticket can access the event at any time.**

UPDATE Feb 23 2011: LANETS staff confirms MADCATZ Sponsorship and add a fightstick for SSF4 tournament Bonus Also an Extra 100$ POT BONUS has been added by MTLSF HQ! GET FUCKIN HYPE!!

UPDATE Jan 14 2011 : Uvixo is Offcialy Sponsoring The SSF4 Tournament with 100$ Bonus + T-shits for Winners & Raffle
Uvixo Online Store



  • special Thanks to Bastard_Wolf *

March 11th to March 13th, 2011


École de Technologie Supérieure (Pavilion A)
1100, rue Notre-Dame Ouest
Montréal (Qc) H3C 1K3


SUPER STREET FIGHTER 4 Singles (Xbox 360)

* Double elimination tournament
* 2 out of 3 games per match
* 3 out of 5 games per semi final match
* 4 out of 7 games grand finals

Prize Distribution: 70/20/10

ADMINISTRATIVE FEE: $25 (This Covers Venue + SSF4 Tournament + Extras on site)

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 (5$ additional cost)

* Double elimination tournament
* 2 out of 3 games per match
* 3 out of 5 games per semi final match
* 4 out of 7 games grand finals

Prize Distribution: 70/20/10 **


Friday Night: SSF4 Casuals + MVC3 side tournament
Saturday: SSF4 Tournament
Sunday: Top 8 Finals on Stage (SSF4 only)

The admin fee covers all 3 days of the event.
The admin fee covers Tournament enrty
The admin fee covers Sleep over on site (read bellow for more info)
The admin fee covers CONSOLE section only (to be part of the PC LAN you must register as BYOC on their site fee is 45$ but covers PC + Console tournaments)

EVERYONE MUST REGISTER ONLINE * NO EXCEPTIONS * this is not our venue we are just part of the event as a console tournament that we will be running. THERE IS NO ON SITE REGISTRATION AT ALL. When you register to the website you can either buy your ticket directly (using Access D & Paypal) OR you can pay the day of the event! BUT I strongly suggest you pay right away as it will help us get BETTER CHANCES OF GUARANTEED BONUS & it will show them we are serious players! So please help us getting our foot in the right way with this event as we promise it will get us & the street fighter community closer to our goals !

How to register?
Go to Lan ETS 2011 - Home
Create your profile and fill in your preferences
Buy ticket & GET HYPE !

If you have any questions you can contact me
or by phone @ 514-557-3745
My name is Pierre
If you have trouble registering or paying please contact LANETS with the link on their site.

I invite you to read the Venue rules and F.A.Q as there is A LOT of important information in it.

No Turbo buttons. Any breaks in gameplay, deliberate or not, will award a decision to player NOT responsible for the break, to either restart the round or accept the round win. Disturbances must be reported the moment they occur. If both players resume play consensually, there will be no reverse judgment on the results. Judges reserve the right to make a final call on any issues.

Next time, We eat Cow !


mtlsf doing it big!

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Guys I’ve been to lanets before and believe me it’s huge!!!

Hear that montreal ? NO MORE CRAMPED VENUES ! Cannot wait for that one. Let me know if I can help Cranky (or Woolie).

Ya I was suppose to be attending ETS for studies I visited the place and its huuuuuuuge its gonna be so fucking HYPE

This… The tournament is in the cafeteria which is a massive open space that fits 300 gamers plus booths for sponsors and other gaming companies it’s so hype can’t wait!

Been going to this for years, support this!

This is going to be the first time attending something this big. Last time for me was back in 2000

So is there gonna be sc2 or not

Guys, I really want to take the time to double emphasize a few things about this event:

  1. We really need all players to pre-register online, they will not take walk-ins, simple as that.
  2. The more pre-regstrations we get, the larger pot bonus we can guarantee.

Your participation from now directly affects how big we can make this.

Food for thought:
This is our first chance to make fighting games stand out as a major event alongside FPS and RTS gaming, something that we know has career professionals with international fame. With your help, MTLSF X LanETS can not only prove to the event that fighting games belong with the biggest in pro gaming out there, it will prove it to the dozens and dozens of sponsors who will be at this event for FPS and RTS tourneys. LanETS has been a qualifier for World Cyber Games before. As the biggest LAN event in the city, this has the support of countless sponsors, and what I’m saying is, if we make an impression in a big way, they will notice, much like EG and BLG did.

How you can help:

  1. Tell your friends, spread the word, get pre-registrations going on the site. We need to get a buzz going from today.
  2. A street team. When we have them, we’ll post up a flyer and have some ready for handouts. If you attend a school or work somewhere that might garner interest, please post us up.
  3. This is moreso for when the event comes around, but volunteer. It’s LanETS event, but we still have to setup shop and run things. We need people around to make this happen.

Other things to note:
[]The unique thing about this event is that they provide you with a spot to sleep over for both nights. So travelers, this is extra hype for you because once you sign-up, you don’t even need to worry about hotel costs unless you insist.
]Now that we’ve entered a realistic possibility of 200+ attendees, not even factoring in the random PC players out of the hundreds that’ll wander over to participate, pre-bracketing is the only option. We can’t even begin to think we can make a bracket the same day with this many players participating.
[*]The venue has a resto-bar built in. Basically, these guys are used to showing up on friday and having everything accommodated in the venue so that they don’t have to leave the event if they don’t want to. You don’t have to be that hardcore about it, but, the option is there.

Is someone streaming this?!

We are if you want to help :slight_smile:

BTW when woolie says the more pre-register we have to more we might get BIGGER POT it means TO PAY ONLINE and not at the door …

Certainly sir! I have many things to share and to help make the stream super awesome!

Extras on site?
sleep over on site?

and im so down if i got a ride.

Bring ur pillow and ur sleeping bag or wtv … the 25$ covers this … no hotel room to pay … save bitches save !!

Good shit boys!

I’ll be there, I don’t even care if I do well or not, I just want to see the fighting community show them FPS gamers or whatever what real hype is all about. No disrespect, but this is gonna be loud :slight_smile:

Make a poster live :stuck_out_tongue:
SF one side going to war VS FPS chars on the other side
Title MTLSF x LANETS two worlds collide lol