MTLSF x LanETS: Results and Shoutout!


64-man bracket

2 Veasna |Heero
3 Fred |Freddylocco (Forfeit)
4 Rene Lok |Manaboy
5 Prez |Prez
5 Rame |Rameo
7 Stef |Smoon
7 Bora P |Chinta03
9 Richard |Snafoo
9 James S |Jensine
9 Trini |Trini
9 GForce |Kevin
13 Reggie G |Chesterr01
13 Maidhy |Achyle
13 Yass |Lance
13 Sars |SARS
17 Woolie |
17 Judes-Alexandre |Kazuhiro
17 Julien L |Karamba
17 Brian Tobar |Smokey
17 Jacques |Shinryuuken_SA2
17 Pierre |Crankypunk
17 Myles |Contra
17 Vivek |MTLER
25 Rami |Rami
25 Horsechronic |Bryan F
25 William K |ShogoWK
25 William A |Willix
25 Jean-Francois G |Kioshen
25 Wie-Chia C |Whip Jay
25 BoringRyu |
25 Deezee |Deezee
33 Mike Ahn |HVE
33 Albert N |Egorok4
33 Song |akuma matata(Forfeited)
33 Eric B |crazedmodder
33 Gkill |Jean-Francois R
33 Jimmy |Jimmybone
33 Kai |Kai
33 David D |xtensive
33 David M |Divix
33 Shant K |MeerSkat
33 Nan Y |Dragonfall
33 Mathieu P |Dayze
33 Mohamed S |h4x3r101
33 Bruno C |Brown
33 Thelo |Thelo
33 Mehdi M |Maqboobs
49 Charles B |NaizakiNomac

Secret MvC3 Tourney:

1 Rame
2 Myles Contra
3 Brian Tobar
4 Rene Lok
5 Thelo
5 Jimmy
7 Woolie
7 Fred
9 Kai
9 Vivek
9 Henry
9 Stef
13 BoringRyu
13 Will
13 Sars
13 Pierre
17 Deezee
17 GForce
17 Richard


That was a great event, had a lot of fun. Did better than I thought I would too. Shoutouts to Pierre, Woolie, all the great people of MTLSF, Uvixo, you guys are the best.


had a blast. will def do this again



way too good.


Congrats Henri and Rame. Great event as usual Pierre :tup: Really nice place ETS, crazy huge ass screen they had going with the two projectors. Plus Kinect, PS Move, NHL (I am the bs master), etc it was really fun.

Shame on everyone who did not come, even if you do not play SF anymore.


MTLSF getting owned by the Nerd Team Extreme on stage. TOOOO FUNNY, it was like watching a TV show.



lol fucking hustler


Had fun. I am the choke GOD! Prez is the ultimate hustler!


MTLSF x LANETS SSF4 video playlist is up YouTube - Broadcast Yourself. Stream Archive available in one long shot on MTLSF on

Well well what else to say other than this Venue was THE SHIZZLE !! Biggest LAN event in Montreal even in Canada may I say.
LanETS (Lan ETS 2011 - Home) Venue was Hype itself but the addition of MTLSF bringing to them SSF4 & Marvel with our Sponsor UVIXO and his sexy ladys crew that was there to promote and animate shieeeeeeeeeeet GODLIKE !!! the event went from HYPE to UBER HYPE !!

Id like to take a minute to thank Mathieu & Guillaume for accepting us into LanETS
Big thanks to anyone that gave me a hand over the past 3 days I really appreciate it !!

Thanks for everyone that took the time to come to this event, your support help this community be what it is !

Thanks to Uvixo yet again
Thanks to all other sponsors at this event it was so hype !

Congrads to Chi-Rithy, Heero & FreddyL0c0 for making top3 SSF4
Congrads to Rame (Heatblazn), Contra & Smokey for making top3 MVC3

Having SSF4 run all day almost on the giant screen projector was fuckin sick !! and commentary for finals so people can hear what its all about EVEN MORE SICK ! 40MB Upload speed OUT OF THIS WORLD !! HYPE HYPE HYPE HD Stream and all vids uploaded in a mather of not even an hour lol MEGA FUCKIN SICK !!!

Now get ready for the next big thing to hit MTL …

Montreal Annual Tournament 8
Part of the EVO Tournament Season
June 4th & 5th 2011


Fuck you Fred.
Fuck you Contra.

Ladies of UVIXO and Alex, thank you for dancing on stage and on the move station, it got me un-depressed from those 2 bad loss.

“Thank you Madcatz”

Im j/k. I love u both. Homos.

Oh and Woolie you fucking suck at Dance central. Fucking scrub.


Great tournament and all that stuff, etc.

It’s still a 10-0 matchup against Snafoo in a tournament for me. :frowning:


LoLz at woolie getting owned and its on Video even the score … thats when the guile theme will hit hahahaha


Big props to mtlsf for doing it big at lanets, had a great time.

Mr. Prezident, Woolie, freddy, smokey good to see you guys again
Rameo…master troll…I’ll be back for you

see y’all at MAT


Had lots of fun this weekend! Played like shit as usual but its all good, some good times.

Props to Pierre and Mr1someXcantdance woolie for making this shit happen. Thanks to all those who helped pierre lug shit to lanets and back, sorry I couldnt help.

MVP of the tourney: Prez, best reactions of the tourney.

Person i was rooting for: Veasna, yeah i really was, i watched the stream of your match live on sunday and really wanted to you to win for some reason…

Nonetheless goodshit to Henri on taking first place in ssf4 and to Rame on first in mvc3

Uvixo girls…nice.


dat salt!

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i gotta give it to Sars, for staying overnight with me to watch over the equipments. he kept me up most of the night and grinding more SF4.

i got what i wanted, learned A LOT. and had some fun.
Uvixo = keep doing what you’re doing, always love the eye candy you bring to us. =)

i’m def coming back next year. hopefully with a better sim.

gonna have to agree with MTLer on the MVP. lol “merci madcatz!”


BTW, i remember a guy with a crew that was filming us and some of the matches. is there a documentary soon to be released? i think he went under the alias of “natanbfoisy”


The Documentary was for his school project thing… we might never see it too lol


oh well, be nice to see his input on our invasion. especially using the huge screen all of saturday. lol