MTS: Big Easy Beatdown - $500 SFIV Bonus - July 17th, 2010 - New Orleans, LA

In July, Mechacon and BravoNavo will present a brand new tournament series:

Big Easy Beatdown

Mechacon has been an established and successful convention in Lafayette for the past five years. Because of their rapid success and growth, they are making a new home in New Orleans. In sponsoring this tournament, they have volunteered to provide a generous bonus to the prize pots.

Game Lineup

Venue admission: for venue admission, see:

The venue fee is the entry fee to Mechacon itself. With this, you will have access to everything Mechacon has to offer: a fantastic dealer’s room, great panels, access to a symphonic concert, and much more.

Super Street Fighter IV - $10 (360)
SSB Brawl Teams 2v2 - $10 per person (Wii)

Prize Pot Bonuses

Super SFIV - $500
SSBB Teams - $500

All prize payouts will be 60/30/10 for Top 3

Tournament Format

The tournament will be a round robin pool format. Entrants will be separated into four pools. After round robin and bracket play in each pool, the top two competitors in each pool will move on to a final 8 bracket.

Specific rules and schedules will be posted at a later point.


New Orleans Marriot
555 Canal St., New Orleans, LA

Located on Canal St., Big Easy Beatdown is literally next to the French Quarter on Canal. One block over from Bourbon.

Further information will be posted soon once finalized. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions.

Good shit Gary on getting them organized.

It’s a bad weekend for me but if I can make it out I’ll come help you with the tournament.

There is not enough hype for this tournament! MONEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

I’ll be there if my eyes recover my my LASIK surgery wednesday… LOL