[MTUP] Akuma

Specific thread for the Akuma match-up.
Match-up difficulty FeiLong ? - ? Akuma

Find that staying midrange against Akuma is the best bet. He needs to get close or stay far.

Akuma’s attempts on getting close:
-Demon Flip (Can be Neutral jump HK’ed, Backdash > Rekka or Flame kick’ed)
-If he forward dashes, (Which he probably won’t, you can cr.mp > cr.hp or simply rekka to keep him at bay)
-Akuma’s far st.HK (His first kick will whiff due to the range you’ll keep him at. and just focus attack the second or you can block both kicks, if he’s closer, and flame kick his follow up link).
-Forward jump Air Hado (You actually have enough time to dash under him or his fireball and take him out from there. Unleash the bnb combo FTW!!!)

Edit: The bottom line strat I use against Akuma’s is preferably staying at midrange or max mp rekka range. I won’t play an aggressive set but let him come to me. Once Akuma gets a good amount of health taken away from him, he’ll resort to runaway tactics (jump back fireballs)

i hate those alot. You can’t jump mindlessly on him either or you eat ultra. You have to wait for the right time to ex cw or make him come to you if you fa his fireballs enough to piss him off.

emmm, for air hado, dashing under akuma is good but it will not work if he did a lp hadou on the air but if he is only doing 1 air hadou and you are within range best is if you do an fa, it will absorb the hadou but will beat him as he land (and this is only when akuma did a jumpin)

back dash will work against demon flip but only if akuma did an air attack, his slides will beat fei’s back dash and of course this trick will not work well if you are in the corner

It’s not so much about akuma resorting to jump back firesballs… Usually the case is, that that’s all they do! Akuma after Akuma. All I see is red hado’s and jump back air ones.

I try to jump and kick them out the air ASAP so I can get over the double air ones. If I get behind on staying on him. I just sit back and let him hado,[FA, jumps]. They eventually come in… if you have the lead in health.

yeah those type of players have no clue on how good akuma can be or maybe they just want the easy way to win

good akuma players know when to do air ball and they are very likely to be very aggressive and have a great defense as akuma’s hp is the lowest compare to all but all of his chain can take alot of health once it is scored

So what do you guys think the match-up difficulty is on this one ?
Since I’ve played REALLY good Akumas, I can’t really figure it out. I first thought of 5-5, but i guess it’s more like 4-6 in Akuma’s favor.
What do you think ?

I’d say 4-6 at least in Akuma’s favor. And I hate chasing after him all the time.

As I said, you have to be careful jumping in or you eat ultra.
And his dive kick seems to beat everything you’ve got, including ultra.
Plus the damn f+hk. He can start a combo with it and it’s safe on block. FeiLong’s j+hk/j+mp doesn’t work well against it either.

Not to mention his teleport so it’s hard to land a cross up. Though you could punish with rekka, or perhaps super if you knew he’ll do it.
Ex.cw doesn’t work very well against air fireballs as he’ll usually be too far away. Maybe using ex.rekka to break in would be a bit better. Haven’t tried it yet though.

Yup, same thoughts here. His free escapes are just damn too good. He does a load of damage with his HK combos and stuff. His demon flip mixups are a huge pain to deal with. His walk speed makes tick throws very effective.
On a positive note, you can counter his HK with cr.FP or st.FP but you have to anticipate it since his HK comes out really fast.

cr. lp and st.lp also counter Akumas HK, but you must anticipate it, so it is not an option against it, because a good akuma will mix his HK with his sweep, that i am almost sure that you cant punish it if it’s at max range (Correct me if this is not true please!), so if you spam those moves to counter that HK, you can finish with an untecheable throw.

I think that this matchup is the most difficult one, being almost impossible to win against a really solid akuma (well, the bison matchup is impossible as well)
I feel totally disarmed in this matchups, hell, i prefer going against a good Sagat (Like my friend RickyTTT, i don’t know how you manage to win him so much starnab, against me he usually scores like twice the wins i get against him)

I have played “kurosaki ita”, i think that was his GT, and i manage to score a 8-7 in his favor, but against “chocolillo” (Chocolo360 before, best ryu and akuma user in spain) it`s almost impossible to win a single combat, i am a little discouraged about this

Fei Long CAN win against akuma, just predict most of his jump ins and backjump fireball and punish him with rekka :slight_smile: hurts alot ^^

Fei Long CAN win against akuma, yes but it is not as easy as you mention, unless it is a scrubby akuma player.

good akuma players can zone fei nicely also his air fireball is very lethal you can’t punish jump back fireball with rekka unless you are very close and akuma is not using lp fireball, but good akuma players don’t jump back while close at fei. they are more likely to teleport back.

even when you can corner akuma, he has many good option to escape.

probably fa-ing his air fireball to get close can help at certain situation, and i’m not sure about fei but if akuma did hk from a certain distance and you block low whether the second hit whiff or not, i know with ryu it will whiff if done at certain distance (1st hit blocked, second whiff) and this is punishable. maybe with c.mk, hp super? that will be nice :smiley: at least close to half of akuma’s health

Beating a good Akuma takes guts on Fei’s part. Anticipate his jump backs and move forward. If you see him jump back and knock he wants to air fireball, you can slip under the fireball and hit him with a rekka. If he’s doing the fireballs low to the ground, wait to visually confirm it and then EX CW through them for free damage.

If you jump over his fireballs and he’s DPing you, try neutral jumping over them and coming down with HK. This stops him from getting free mix ups when you block fireballs. Pressure him into the corner and work your cross up / pressure game on him and LOOK FOR THE TELEPORT. Akuma wants it here and if you’re quick you can easily punish with HP rekkas even if you’re pretty far away. Practice it in training mode. If you lurk mid distance from him with him against the corner and keep a wall of pokes up preventing him from escaping, he’ll want to teleport. If he does you can simply walk up and st.HP rekka him at this range.

His st.HK does lose to HK CW if you time it right. I haven’t tested with other CWs but MK might work too. Try not to let him fight you up close since Fei is one of the characters he gets free st.HK 2 hits even if crouching on block. You can pressure him but if he gets momentum just GTFO and come back when it’s you turn to attack.

Main priority is just punishing air fireballs. Fei’s one of the few who can get around this easily so make him work a different strategy. Akuma in situations where he risks getting hit is going to lose as no trade or risk is ever in his favor. Stick to him like glue and don’t let him slip out to where he can fireball risk free and he’ll crumple.

I think this match is in Fei’s favor 6-4 in my experience.

does rh cw get you out of his vortex? i can fight him pretty well unless i get knocked down. flame kicks are out because it loses to a lot of the vortex options (meaty dive kick, crossup tatsu, crossup dive kick)

Yeah it pretty much removes all guessing game elements vs him. If he expects it and is on point he can punish with st.HK though I think so don’t whore it out. It’ll get you out safely if he goes for tatsu stuff or the dive kick though I believe. With weird timing dive kick might beat it though, I need to test.

Any test results for the CW getting out of vortex?

It will work but it’s risky…you’ll most likely escape the df kick or you’ll get hit mid air causing a reset which is good for fei long…but if akuma did demon flip palm you’ll fly over him and he can sweep on reaction and you’re back to square one.
If akuma does df palm OS sweep to catch backdashes and you go for CW instead you’ll usually recover in time so you won’t get punished for your whiffed chicken wing.

Df kick can stuff flame kick for full combo (ex flame kick will beat df kick but beware not to whiff it) and crossup tatsu will hit you out of it every time…you can use CW to safely escape crossup tatsu tho.

So basically yeah, akuma will mix you up and you have to mix up your defensive options…there is no universal answer but fei has decent ways to get out of akuma’s vortex…i’d say mix hk CW, backdash and most importantly BLOCK…I’d say flame kick is the worst option unless you’re really sure you will hit (for example a non properly spaced demon flip).

I think the matchup is 5-5, definitely not easy for both parts…in AE akuma will lose the escape tatsu which will be really bad vs. Fei, but Fei will lose hk CW invuln. which will be just as bad. I feel the matchup will remain 5-5 also in Arcade edition.

Sorry for the poor english