[MTUP] Chun-Li

Specific thread for the Chun-Li match-up.
Match-up difficulty FeiLong 5 - 5 Chun-Li

just found out you should steer clear of rekka x2, and crouching fierce, and sweep if chun has super. all found out the hard way

is the frame data correct, 2 frame start up?

yup. quarter screen range too. many of feis attacks can be punnished by her super, but these are the more obvious.i would add f+RH, but nobody really uses that anyway unless you miss a CW, lol

damn never knew it was that fast, I knew her ultra and super was faster than the rest of the cast but 2 frame super thats crazy good.
I haven’t fought many chun’s but is saving for a super a universal strategy for them? considering their best aa is ex sbk

Just passing through…

One of Chun’s biggest weaknesses is her defense. All of her options are very situational, and her best option - EX SBK, requires meter, and can be baited and punished. This makes her succeptable to rush down if done right. I used to play against a really good Fei Long player on PSN that gave me hell with his constant pressure. I have some vids of him on my YT page…but coincidentally enough, only of me winning (not intentional - the match was giving me problems, I wanted to record and show the Chun forum what was happening and ended up winning!).

In block or rekka strings, Chun can start mashing on EX Legs to get Fei off her. I know it hits the second blocked rekka clean, I’m not sure about the first. Its a good option for Chun, but I also had it get stuffed from time to time. Either way, if you are constantly applying pressure, it will FORCE Chun to use meter to get you off her - you may take some dings, but it will keep her from stocking up super, or having meter available for short short EX Legs when she gets the chance.

J.MP is Fei’s best jump-in against her. It wrecks all her other AA options and forces her to use EX SBK if she can. If you have Chun pushed in a corner, use Fei’s overhead - if Chun doesn’t block you get the damage, and if she does she’s been forced to stand, so now she’s lost charge for EX SBK. Also, if Chun throws a fireball, she no longer has any charge, so its a lot easier to jump at her after one.

Teach your Chun opponent to fear C.LK. My Fei rival used to spam it on wakeup, and for whatever reason I couldn’t throw him out of it. If he hit a C.LK, I was going to eat a rekka combo, end of the story. I had to try and out-poke it, or go over it with Hasan Shu (Chun’s flip kick overhead). Hasan Shu is a risky move for Chun because it is horrible FA bait, so if your Chun is Hasan Shu-happy, utilize FA and make her pay.

A lot of Chun’s overuse her sweep as a poke. Sweep is also huge FA bait, but if you can get it to whiff you can rekka it pretty easily.

If you get your Chun player to clam up and block more, this is where Fei’s throw and command throw will come in play.

Azrael could you link to your YT page? I’d like to put them in the new video thread. Also is the ordinary world close to Sweden and if that’s the case wanna play some on PSN?

Chun’s cr.mp beats Fei’s j.mp and probably everything else too. It also beats rekkas cleanly so don’t be obvious with rekkas.

I have a lot of problem dealing with Chun after knockdown. It feels like I’m going into a three way mixup between backdash (which is totally broken, you pretty much have to do a rekka within 12 frames to punish), EX SBK and hazanshu. Fei can’t punish backdash unless he predicts it and even the reaction window is really small. The punishment on SBK is weak unless Fei has super/ultra. Usually I punish hazanshu with lvl1 focus but that basically means she traded maybe 80 damage for positional advantage.

Chun can counter focus with st.mp, EX legs.

When knocking Chun down, I usually go for either meaty st. MP, meaty F + MK overhead, or stand right next to her. Also, if you do MK CW(I think) you can cross her up on her wakeup if you time it right. The only thing I fear against Chun is her insane throw game…it’s freakin ridiculous the amount of range she has with it.

you know you can option select rekkas into your jump in, right? i think we fei players missed the boat on a lot of this option select buisness. i’ll make a post about it in the moveset thread later

EDIT: az was right about jumping in with MP versus chun. her timing has to be perfect to AA you with her regular stuff

I would think Rekka has too slow of a startup for option select?
edit: maybe not

cr.mk is gdlk in this matchup. comes out fast enough for you to beat just about everything she has except random hazan shu. ducks under her st.rh, st.fp, st.mp. faster than her cr.mp, and longer ranged than her cr.mk. also most of her moves extend her hitbox, while cr.mk shrinks yours. was abel to cr.mk->super from 3/4 screen during footsies 2x yesterday because of her hitbox extension. gdlk

Messed around a bit with safe jump option selects on Chun after EX flame kick (updated the safe jump thread) and here’s what I came up with.

If she does either EX SBK or backdash you can beat them both by doing hp rekka just a little bit after you land (you still need to hold back a bit after the safe jump to actually make it a safe jump), this needs to be both well timed and you need to go fast between block and rekka but the timing never changes. If she does EX SBK you block and can punish and if she backdashes she will get caught by the hp rekka. She can also do EX hazanshu but that will just make her jump over your rekka or leave her open to punish if you just held db all along.

If the safe jump hk is either blocked or hits you need to confirm it right away (before the hp rekka).

Edit: It’s even possible to do a option select so you don’t even need to hitconfrim whether the jumpin hit or not. EX flame kick, j.hk, hold db for a few frames after landing, hp rekka, ** cr.lp, lp rekka**

  • if the jumpin hits this part wont happen
    ** if the jumpin whiffs this won’t happen

yup c.mk is very lethal also when combined by overhead.

if chun li falls on the ground on her wakeup depending on when she did ex sbk, Fei’s mp can beat it up. you can also jump a little early but don’t do any attack, when you land you can do flamekick which also will beat chun’s ex sbk but the timing is important, its hard to explain but basically you land as the same time or about the same time as chun li did ex sbk, you can also bait her ex sbk by being close and just before she gets back on her feet you can dash back and ex sbk will whiff and you can punish with c.hp or c.mp cancelled to super

this usually goes into poke wars and punish each mistakes