[MTUP] Chun-Li

Specific thread for the Chun-Li Match-up

Chun’s a tough match and it all depends on the players and their ability to adapt quick IMO. If Chun’s using st.HP and that far reaching kick she has a lot, chicken wing can beat them. Also focus is useful for her longer ranged pokes but she can win the match without those and can bait it out pretty easy so be careful.

I have a habit of using anti air focus (trying to break it with flame kick since it’s stupid anyway), but that definitely doesn’t work in this matchup thanks to her j.HP x2. If she has meter, on wake up try to bait out an EX spinning bird, you can punish with rekkas or super. Possibly ultra but I’ve never felt ballsy enough. If you just wanna get the shit out of the way so you can go back to rushing her, jump in with a high j.MP so that you stick your hand into her legs. You’ll take 1 tiny hit (about as much as taking chip from a fireball) and then no more threat of reversals.

Honestly though, her pokes are better than Fei’s so you have to switch between out poking her with cr.HP, cr.MP, and st.HP until she starts using the focusable attacks, catch on quickly and then start focusing her. Once she starts thinking of focus, you can poke back at her again. Make her scared to out poke you.

She doesn’t have a lot of safe escape options so when pressuring, make sure you attack her with cr.lp+lk. That way if she’s trying to mash throw as a get out of jail free card, you can keep the pressure on and not risk getting thrown, as most good chuns throw a lot.

Once in, cl.MP works good for pressure.

I don’t really have good strategy personally. It’s a pain to get close to her unless you have EX meter. I played a very good Chun-Li that really knew the match-up well.
Troubles start when she has super has she can punish 75% of what you throw at her. This includes

  • rekkas
  • non-HK/EX cW
  • cr.MK and anymove that leaves you at anything below 0

Unless she has EX, stick to her like glue at every knockdown.
Be aware that her backdash is very good since this will help her to successfully escape any pressure on wake-up.

Well if she saves for super she can’t use reversals so if that’s the kinda player you’re facing, just rush him down 100%.

If anybody knows a good Chun player, please suggest them to me b/c I want more experience in this matchup as well. For the most part, I don’t find it too hard…her cr. LK x 3 > EX lightning legs is annoying as crap and can punish a lot of Fei’s offense but other than that, it’s not too bad but then again, it’s probably b/c I haven’t fought a really good Chun player.

In this matchup it seems like you have to scrape for every inch of space on the board

i vs quite a few good chun players, and i noticed when they backdash they are still vulnerable to rekka hits, if im mistaken plz confirm. and also the hazanchu can be tenshin with REALLY proper timing, or u can grab her out of it, and also ultra her when she is in motion of hazanchu

Frylock252. placed top 3 at a recent tourney here in michigan. beats me pretty consistantly as of late. knows the matchup pretty well. really patient player, stong on defense. try him out

I challenged and fought Frylock252 last night. The official score was like 12-1 or something like that in my favor. My first loss, I was trying to figure him out and played really reckless…found out he was the really really patient type. He relies on having you chase after him so I adjusted and played patiently too and it seemed like he didn’t really know what to do. I simply stayed back, whiffed rekkas and flame kicks and focused all her fireballs. He would do Chun’s kikoken fireball and then dash in to poke me but I would counter with MK CW…either it hits her or he is forced to block it b/c Chun still has to recover from her dash. He’ll walk forward to poke with st. HP or st. HK but I just counter with Fei’s cr. MK or cr. HP. Once I knocked her down, I go for meaty overhead, LK CW, tick throw or tenshin setups and he couldn’t really do anything. After our matches, he told me last night that Fei was a bad match up for Chun. WATCHAAAAA! :bgrin:

lol. him and thunder both said they would like to play you offline. they said you were a good player and all, but they cant properly counter your CW’s like they punnish mine offline. offensively, they both said you have good execution. frylock said your footsie game is very strong and you really took control on the ground, but he said defensively you could work on anti airing jumpins, and practice against mash out dp’s without meter. but he said overall, you were a really good player, and he looks foward to the rematch

Bah, I have just as much trouble as they do online…trust me, I play even better offline too lol. But honestly, maybe you use CW a bit more differently than I do? I’m pretty reckless and aggressive with my CW…even if I eat a Yoga Knee or a Chun Li st. HP two or three times in a row, I’ll keep on doing CW haha! I’ll try mixing up the speed of CW to throw them off and then once I get in, I start pressuring like crazy and do my best to put the hurtin on my opponent! May sound dumb, risky and senseless but hey it works for me lol. Anyone play Roxicodone’s Ryu? He’s got a nasty Ryu…but anyhow, he once messaged me, “Why do you always do CW and then put yourself in a 50/50 situation?” Haha I guess it just excites me…either he guesses right or I do. =)

UGH I think it’s the xbox360 controller but for some reason it’s so hard for me to flamekick jumpins consistantly…I use the analog stick by the way. It’s sooo much easier to do on the ps3 pad controller ugh…haha yeah I have a bad habbit of mashing DP. Most of the time I make sure I have 2 stocks to FADC but sometimes the RT and RB triggers on the xbox controller don’t come out and so I end up doing a blocked flamekick with horrible recovery and all and getting punished really bad UGH! Yeah but I’ve been fighting this guy named “The Asian Tech Guy” who plays a pretty good Chun Li…thanks to him, I’ve been doing pretty well against Chun as of late. =)

I’m having a horrible time vs chun’s as of late. Anyone know of anyone that is good with her, other then frylock (don’t want to be a bother, as I’m sure he’s had numerous Fei invites lol) I’m finding that the problems I have are because I NEVER play a chun on a regular basis. Any/all help is appreciated, thanks!

This is a match-up where I find the choice between U1 and U2 can really change how the game plays.

U1: Great comboability from Flame Kick> FADC, and can capitalize on Focus Attacks much better, but few chances to land it.

U2: Forces Chun to be more careful about her nj.HK, being too obvious about poking rhythm, and her jump-in approach with double HP. Command cross-up attack can be countered with this as well.
–Edit: Lol, bobbing up and down (like you’re about to pull the Ultra) sometimes freaks out Chun players looking to jump in… Free anti-air! :wgrin: Lol seriously don’t use that.

Overall I think the metagame that U2 creates in this match-up will benefit you greatly by limiting Chun’s options (mentally speaking). This forces her to play a more linear game, using her fireball as a shield to advance on you and using great lateral spacing to score free hits with her pokes.

That said, my basic game plan against Chun can be broken down into parts:

  1. Nullifying long-range zoning: Walk towards Chun and then absorb her fireballs as she launches them. Watch your spacing as your next move will either be to backdash or double backdash. If you’re forced to double back, you’ll be safe and the cycle repeats. If you only need a single, you’ll be in position to punish a whiffed move, depending on what she uses. If you’re trapped and can’t backdash quickly enough, just block and eat the chip damage–you can return that later. I know that Tsua likes to whiff LK Flame Kick for meter if he’s far enough, but I prefer to move in and absorb early, so I get the advantage in backdashing. Once Chun gets annoyed by this, she’ll want to start closing in, with or without a fireball.

  2. The poke war: This can be dangerous water here as Chun’s pokes are fast and difficult to respond to. cr.MK and cr.HP are your friends in this battle as they give you the best range, with Rekkas to support. At maximum poking range, Chun doesn’t have much comboability but she can throw out a Hazanshu at a moment’s notice for some heavy damage (and a frame advantage).

Practice your focus attacks for this part of the match, as you’ll want to be able to respond to either a level 1 hit (backdash) or level 2 crumple (forward dash, punish). There really is no golden rule as to whether you stay aggressive or defensive here, but I think a Chun without meter deserves a good beating.

MK CW puts you in a strong (read: you have a flame kick and she doesn’t) 50-50 situation, which most Chuns like to backdash out of. Another MK or LK CW will stop them from doing that and help avoid low pokes/throw mix-ups in the process. DO NOT spam that tactic; you wanna keep it fresh.

Watch Chun’s jump-ins and be prepared to either dash under or dash back to reset the spacing. This is probably the best zone for Fei as you get more opportunities to do damage here than in others.

  1. The tick zone: Worst zone for Fei as Chun’s jabbing moves give a solid advantage for tick throwing. Chun can also easily hit-confirm into her EX Legs BnB from a crouching position, while us Fei’s have to meticulously time those stupid crouching jabs… GRRR…

In this zone you want to be ready to watch a full 180 degree arc from in front of Fei to right behind him, as Chun can attack you from all of those angles easily if you’re crouching. Good news is that her major damage dealers are slow, however, so practice punishments on those. In your mind, you should tell yourself that being tick thrown is better than eating a full combo for failing to block or Focus Attack a Hazanshu or a command cross-up.

When you can, Flame Kick> FADC yourself outta there or just backdash.

Now some basic responses:

a)** Chun’s nj.HK**: Don’t walk into this. If you’re already within range, focus absorb it and back away or EX Flame Kick through. If you’re a little off from it, you can dash under and s.HK her (tough), or wait until she comes down a little before jumping in on her. With U2, this is a guaranteed Ultra on Chun.

b) Command cross-up: The cool looking flip kick that automatically puts her behind you. This is like Chun’s 50/50 on you, as she can back dash away if you block it, come in for a throw, or just proceed to block further. Likewise, you need to play it like a 50/50 and mix up blocking/teching/backdashing with raging EX Flame Kick in her face.

c) Jump-in double HP: A very aggressive approach by Chun which will give her free reign to combo if you don’t block both hits. Make it a habit to EX Flame Kick her when she’s within range above you, or capitalize on the U2 moment if you see it.

d) After knocking Chun down: Feel free to jump-in if she doesn’t have meter. You can also jump in if she does, as you’ll sometimes stuff her EX Bird at the right angle. Overall, it’s not very damaging and must be timed to get most of the hits in. Forcing her to use it may be wise just to get her to burn meter. You can also bait this by moving into its range and faking some jabs. Punish this on block with HP Rekkas or something hard. Mix-up your wake-up game with throws.

e) Chun is walking up to you after a knock down: She has an instant overhead with her retreating j.HK (?), can tick throw, or confirm into Legs when she has you knocked down. This is tough to avoid, but in the end it’s like a 50/50. CW may avoid the tick throw/combo and will catch backdashing, but will lose to the overhead (better than a combo right?). Flame Kick is another strong alternative for telling her to get the fuck off of you, but she may also be baiting it to bachdash away and sweep you.

  1. A free punishment situation: PRACTICE THE NEW BNB. cl.MP XX HK CW> cl.HP XX HP Rekkas/HK (MK) Flame Kick. You can substitute cl.LP or cr.LP for the cl.HP for more leniency. That’s like 400 some damage there btw. Imagine tacking on FADC> U1 to it :tup:

Some people say Super is helpful in making this an even match, but I prefer to save for EX Flame Kick against jump-ins and EX CW against fireballs. EX Rekkas supposedly has a large hitbox too, so that may help, though I’ve never used it myself.

hehe Hotdog you play Fei very similar to the way i do. You notice that we get massive amounts of wins doing this online play? All i have to do is guess right two times in a row and the match is pretty much decided. Free 50% life + Dizzy if you know what i mean =)

Awesome thanks a lot! I was playing a chun the other day, and I think I figured it out, I was approaching this match-up all wrong, which now kinda makes me feel dumb… Playing a patient game is key, once you get life lead, make her play your game. BTW all of your information and Tsua’s info. helped me a lot! So thank you very much! I have been trying to get used to the new combo, and the times i’ve gotten it off made a huge difference in the out come of the match. SO thanks again!

  • A huge bit of advice to a person having problems with this matchup. Once you close in use fei’s FA and stay just outside her ex/reg. legs range, you should be able to either bait something, or maintain pressure depending on the reaction of the chun. This little bit of info alone has made my problems with this matchup pretty much go away.

Can you punish her at all after a blocked sweep?

Why the **** have they made Chun Li so powerful in this game? 2 Things.

  1. I swear in every SF game she likes to appear in, they give her the TOOLS to live like a Queen.

  2. I thought they were exaggerating when they put Chun top of the tier list for Super, but let’s look it over.

  • Front / Back Dash
  • Walking Speed
  • Pokes
  • Fireball Speed
  • Combo ability into Super / Ultra
  • Floaty Jump means awquird timing of anti airs for characters who trade on DP (Gen, Fei, etc)
  • Ultra 1 EASILY goes through all kinds of fireballs, it comes to a point even the almighty Seth can’t through out Ultra 1 without worrying for his medical insurance
  • Can’t use Fei Focus on her air game unless you want to eat a double punch.
  • ??? She has no real weakness o_O She has the right tools to deal with any character, especially ones without a fireball.

Don’t get me wrong, i’ll read back through this thread and properly learn how to deal with her shenanigins, i just had to get this off my chest. I appreciate your time.