[MTUP] Gen

Specific thread for the Gen match-up.
Match-up difficulty FeiLong ? - ? Gen

Finally got a chance to play against a Gen. This doesnt seem like too bad a match up for Fei.

General things I found:
-Focusing isnt a good idea, since Gen will throw out pokes he can cancel into hands from.

-Fei’s s.mk can BEAT Oga (wall dive) kicks. not too sure about the straight down one. It can also trade, so it’s a timing thing. Didnt seem too hard though.

-Fei loses in the air to Gen.

-If you can get in, you can pressure him pretty well, just watch for the DP+K

-I’m not too sure how to deal with Gen’s jump though.

I am having trouble with good gen’s :frowning: his straight down one dashing helps. Will try s.mk to beat his oga, thx

Just block it. :wtf:

if its straight down, just block it, it is heavily punishable after you block it the one that is diagonal is dangerous cause it puts you in air and you can be juggled and you have to remember that gen can choose which wall he want to dive from

there is one good gen player i know, he is shoestring57 i think or 057, he is on my friends list on my profile and i believe automattock is good too

but I dont like chip damage… :sad:

plus it stops them from wanting to do it.

So gen has 2 focus attacks? How can I tell which one is which?

last time i checked, gen only has one focus attack. or did you mean two ultras?

Shoestring :slight_smile: I see him pretty often when I play Marvel online. Cool he uses Gen.

Yea, JiBbo is ‘ok’. :smile:

Oh and chip is that massive from Oga that you don’t want to block it? Gen players probably WISH they could do more Ogas in match. I think that is a tough special to implement into your gameplay besides an EX to escape Oki. I hardly ever get the chance to use Oga offensively when I get Gen via random. Not particularly safe on block :sad: Which means, Gen players more than likely have specific (and even more likely rare) Oga set-ups.

I have some luck just turtling and making gen come to you. Neutral jump HK is good, generally just zoning and anti airing and not falling into st.MK pressure. Focus is risky. I feel like Gen needs you to come to him to work his game and Fei has enough tools to fight him outside of his effective range so just don’t stay in close except on wake up pressure.

True. Most Gen I met are turtles. They don’t have any gameplan unless you come at their jumping range.
So take the health lead, and turtle back.

Matchu difficulty Gen 8-2 Fei Long Fei Long has speed but his technique is no match for the master assassin. Man Fei Long’s have died by my Hand’s.