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This is an index thread for all match-ups.

This thread has no other purpose than helping you quickly find infos on the match-up you’re looking.
Characters are sorted by alphabetical order. Please note that we’re refering to the occidental naming of characters. So Balrog is Boxer, M.Bison is Dictator and Vega is Claw. Gouki is Akuma.
The dark red date is the 1st post last update date.

Missing links will be added as new threads are created.


This should either be in the first post of every match up threads, or get stickied. Otherwise, threads like vs Rose, Dan, Sakura etc will sink to 15th page and become too hard to find before you know it.


Yes I requested it to get stickied by a moderator already.

  • Gouken

  • Guile

  • M.Bison

  • Ken

  • Rose

  • Ryu

  • Rufus

  • Seth


Create them if you need them. I’ll update the index.


You fought so hard for MTUP and you say ‘create them if you need them’…? :confused: I was just curious so I could update the character links.


People where complaining in the 1st place that this will make ‘too much threads on the 1st page blablabla’. I ain’t going to create about 10 empty threads at once if nobody has something to say on it. BGF asked me to create the El Fuerte thread which I did.
The system is going right so far and what I meant is that people can create the specific threads if required, this will be ok with the actual system.


I think it’s ok to make a few new ones each week even if nobody requests them. Some of them has sink down quite a bit anyway. So it shouldn’t look as bad as some of us predicted.


i c what u did there, sir. so hostile :lovin:


I would like to see a thread for Chun Li, and how you deal with her.


I have come across a few Rufus and I keep getting spanked, any tips


i need help with the ken and chun match ups any tips


Could use some Adon tips. I’m getting WRECKED.


my sparring buddy at work used to main rufus in sf and the same stuff applys in super

don’t jump in especially if they have an ultra up as the old rufus favourite of jumping hk to ultra or ex snake strike is still evil

for messiah kick you can either hit with CW if they throw it out carelessly or miss spaced (watch for EX though) safest option if they follow up from the first hit is jump back roundhouse dont do this if they have ultra. rufus has three follow ups jump back roundhouse beats the low sweep and the follow up kick but can be hit with the belly bounce. Dont jump back if they have ultra as the belly bounce backflip can be dash cancelled into ultra and will connect if you jump back.

If you’re quick enough you can also dragon kick messiah kick when it starts up (not sure on ex)

heel kick can be a bastard to deal with depending how quick they can do it i normally focus dashback into CW

galactic tornado if i know its coming i just dragon kick or take the chip damage and counter also if theyre in close think about throwing a tenshin into the mix they usually expect a follow up move from a blocked galatic tornado

Try and keep the pressure on as rufus is succeptable to rushdown

normally after a few rounds my mate ends up turtling and running off, (crouching and using antiair is his fav cheap tactic) dont gte overeager if this happens (ive yet to have someone do this online lol) focus baiting and working the overhead in between rekka pressure is a nice way to create an opening.

Im no expert this is just some easy general advice ive found helps i’m sure the guys here will correct me on anything wrong or too risky against better rufus players {^_^}


I’m having serious problems with the Adon matchup as well (well, the good ones). I just raped an Adon who abused walldive. You can beat it with flame kick (I was using mk) pretty easy, and chicken wing seem to beat it as well most of the time. The main problem in this matchup for me is focusing is so risky. It’s dangerous to use focus against Bison, but with Adon it’s damn near suicide. :sweat:

Anyone have any other strategies?


I had serious problems with this match up until one day I just thought “fuck this” and literally stood still and reacted to everything he threw at me, I find it a much easier match up now. Personally the Adon’s I was coming up against spam special after special continually, and play on the fact you think you can counter, when in fact you can’t.

I’m not saying turtle, just don’t jump unless you get a knock down and just let him come to you. Anything that can get him in range can be punished or blocked. Flame kick is Def your friend in this one. Def a more patient fight.

The ones I fought once they realised they couldn’t just Jag tooth, rising Jag, looked a bit lost for options.


U2 all the way, Changes the match up. No dive kick cross ups etc etc when you’ve got it stocked. Neutral jump HK is also handy, as well as Single random HP rekka’s. Other stuff Ive found is crouching MP seems to stuff his footsie’s. I’m no Pro, but I do alright against him.

Tough match but not un-beatable. The ones I face , both players are usually down to their last hit.



Sonic then flash, or L.sonic walk up grab. Only two moves he needs to beat you.


i fucking hate rufus. unless i get some good rushdown going before he gets meter, i lose easy. most of my problems comes with reacting to messiah followups correctly. just dont see him enough to block his shit the right way


isn’t flame kick enough for those followups? it always works for me