[MTUP] Viper



Specific thread for C.Viper match-up.


I saw your replay on XBL versus that Viper. pretty good stuff.


this needs to be updated!


ask some questions. what are the problem you’re having?


my problem in this mtchup against good vipers would be gaying it out!. viper cant really do anything against fei when he is in the lead. fei pokes out pokes vipers. only thing that kills me is her ex earth tremor and ambigous flame kicks on wake up. U2 is good for this but sometimes thats not enough.


shes free on wakeup without exbars, crlk’s your freind here


sumtimes u have to time that cr lk right, bcuz she can grab your cr lk, becuz her grab range is somewhat retarded.


you can crmk, like a shoto, under burn kicks on wake up in most situations. rekkas are pretty good vs her if she is trying to zone you with siezmos/fients, but they lose to lp thunderknuckles. if she uses thunderknuckles in blockstrings, its not a true blockstring, you can lk cw between the mk/mp before the TK, or you can throw her out of the TK startup if she does it near max range. imo 5-5, but it seems way harder if you dont fight viper enough to know how to block her crossups, which most people dont. i get tricked all the time and i fight viper plenty

edit: you can meaty her DP with semi max range crmk on knockdowns


xblades, she cant grab you out of a meaty crlk, she’ll get hit during startup of the throw like every other character, and her AA TK will go right over it like rogs headbutt, the crlk recovers fast enough for ex seismo to not hit u, im not sure but she might b able to ex burnkick you tho, i think i had a viper do that to me b4 but i could have messed up the meaty or something.


i think that fact that she can do major damage on your whiff hits makes this match up hard… as i think you need to zone her hard core becuz she cant fight outside and her footsies arent as good as feis. i play very good vipers, and i can tell you that TK feinting really gets to your head. soo fighting is outside is really good and you can see whats coming your way instead of being in her mix up shenanigans up front. dat EX siesmo to meterless ultra 1 is 2 gdlk

edit: she can also go under your rekkas with light tk.

More examples on this fight would further be great.
Most vipers do not fight online, and if they do, they only fight within their state. Bcuz Viper requires precise timing.


I need a fellow Fei player who knows this matchup well to come and see some of my replays against a really good viper (Raven1019), and give me advice or tell me what I should’ve/could’ve done better.


put a link up and ill comment on it.


Today was the first time I played a Viper player who really knows his stuff. She has tremendous pressure game, and I wasn’t able to tough it out. What is Fei’s optimal range against Viper? Are her flame kicks punishable? Are her thunder knuckles punishable?

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Let’s bring this discussion here:


I’ll answer this for you in that thread.