[MTUP] Zangief

Specific thread for the Zangief match-up.(Draft)
Match-up difficulty FeiLong ? - ? Zangief

1. General information

The Zangief vs Fei-Long match-up is not as impossible as it seems in the 1st place.
The close combat style and pressuring game of Fei-Long are indeed unappropriate.
Pressuring Zangief is a no-no : Lariat is only a 3 buttons-press away.
You’ll need to adapt and develop a very-specific-Zangief-approach.
More than usual, you’ll need good reflexes.

2. Strategy

Stay out of range of the Red Cyclone
You already know that Zangief becomes dangerous as hell when close to you. The dangerous zone starts at LP SPD range. It’s approximatively the range of your st.HP/cr.HP.
On the other hand, do not get farther than Banishing Flat range.
If you keep those 2 hints in mind, half of the job is done mainly because Zangief will have very poor tools to get close to you.

Banishing Flat (green hand)

Non-EX BF is unsafe on block and on hit.
According to frame data :
Banishing Flat LP -7 -5
Banishing Flat MP -8 -6
Banishing Flat HP -9 -7
Banishing Flat EX -9 D

This means you should punish every BF with at least a reversal flame kick.

So, unless on EX, Zangief players won’t use this to actually hit you. Most of the time, they’ll try to whiff it close to you then go for either SPD/Lariat/Ex BF.

I say using the standing Hk is a good offensive tactic if they are spin happy, you can knock him off that spin about sweep range.

Done with proper spacing and at peak of the jump, those following attacks beats lariat:

-j.HP beats PPP lariat (sounds like “Uliiiaaaaat”)

-j.HK beats KKK lariat (sounds like “Iiillliiiaat”)

i assume that this is done when gief is already on lariat?

if gief has not started a lariat, deep lariat will beat all of fei’s air attack or the worst it will trade

Yep, exactly.

But sometimes, meaty j.HP beats wakeup PPP lariat, so I dont know

the only time jump hp can beat wakeup lariat is when the lariat is done too early at least from my experience

Gief st.mp beats everything Fei has except for max ranged cr.hp and cr.mk (maybe cr.mk crouches under i’m not sure). It beats rekkas in a similar fashion to Ryu’s cr.mk but with less active frames and a lot faster startup and recovery.

Gief’s sweep is much better than Fei cr.hp

I’d say this matchup depends on being able to use rekkas as much as possible without getting hit. It’s at least -4 and puts you closer to Gief but that’s the only meter (for cr.mk super)/damage Fei’s gonna get on a non jumping, non random green handing Gief.

Gief’s got better footsies, excellent mixup, avantage on own knockdown and soviet damage. Your footsie game has to be miles ahead of the Gief in order to win. 2-8

Cr. MP is pretty good and will often beat Gief’s St. MP. If Gief does spams cr. Jab at close range, use cr. MK to go right under his hand and hit him. If he tries to trick you with different lariat strengths and you don’t wanna risk rekkaken, st. far MP and MK stuffs it for the most part similar to Abel’s st. MP. But yeah, cr. HP is very useful here to keep him at bay. St. HK and flame kick every jump in attempt and just pray for the best lol. I hate this matchup so much that sometimes I’ll choose E. Honda to counter pick against Gief players.

Tried cr.mp against st.mp in training mode and they trade a majority of the time. You’re totally right about Honda and I seriously suggest ditching Fei in this matchup since it’s one of the worst in the game.

It’s my favourite match-up…:blush:

EDIT : And you should be ashamed for counter-picking.

As ashamed as I am to say it, if i were to ever fight gief for money or in a tourney, im throwing myself into guile, or sagat =/

Just discovered the hard way that Fei-Long’s Ultra losses to EX green hand.:lame:

Both ex green hand and larait beat FeiLong’s ultra clean.
Just try and taunt FeiLong’s ultra with Zangielf’s 360+kk.

This happened to me one time during offline casuals. I did fei’s super after giefs lariat. I got 2 hits, then I got ultra’d in the middle of my super.

Geif player says he mashes 360 all the time during fei’s super and it catches him, I never really tested it as I believe it was just a spacing issue between hits 2 and 3.

I used FP super also.

Meaty cr.LK beats reversal Lariat on wake-up.
So against mashing Lariat type Zangiefs, if you manage to knock him down and that you are confident with Bnb combo do not hesitate. But if he has Ultra/Super this might not be worth the risk.
Be aware that EX SPD still beats meaty attacks because of 1st invincibility frame.

Star, does cr.MK beat it on start up as well? No trades?

The most annoying thing for me in the geif matchup is when you’re dominating the match, he jumps and you go to anti air with st.HK and it looks like it’s touching him but doesn’t hit and he lands into a 720. So frustrating.

The only thing I can do against him now is to push him into the corner with rekkas, so he can’t do any more safe jumps. That really kills his jump in game.
But damn, sometimes even his j.hp can beat flame kicks clean.

so, I’m playing FeiLong lately and struggling against good players, but this is a match up almost impossible for me; specially with Zangief’s lk crossup I just can’t escape from it if I try to reverse it with a flame kick it always beats me (you can even see the flames), if I try to jump it gets me, if I try an EX flame kick it doesn’t connects and I get punished… Geez I really don’t know what to do, any suggestions?

You can try FABD, but you might get 360’d if the gief is waiting for this.

Usually an EX-CW will get you away to safety.

hmm it seems it can’t be countered… then I’ll try to run away from it :arazz:
thanks! :lol: