[MTUP] Zangief

I just lost 13-2 against Gief… f this matchup :rofl:

I uploaded some casuals vs a gief. I don’t recall much but I know I lost the race to 5.

Kinda sucks as our other race to 10 sets have been better. I blame Camera jitters lol


Wow. What kind of Zangief lets you jump on him for free ? Lariat is only 3 buttons away.

Here are matches against 2 very different Zangiefs :

vs Alioune : [media=youtube]fD5T0FKwAyc[/media]
vs Kilivan : [media=youtube]8qcKDVoUhfM[/media]

If it was the jumpins with the meaty j.strong then those beat out lariat, most of the other times he would trade lariat and just ex glove as usual.

Can’t remember all the vids though.

I watched the 2 first vids and that was not jumpins that could not be beat by Lariat.

On the other hand, I tried what you mentionned and meaty j.MP actually beats Lariat. Great news.

I have not read of anyone using CW on Gief. I even read somewhere to never use that. I dont know about that, as it works most of the time for me. I usually get 2 hits, >neutral jump HK>cr.HK>jump the fuck away from Gief. Sometimes I get close, and if he lariats, I time a jumping HK>cr.HK, but never rekkas.

I have found CW to be exceedingly useful when playing against Gief. Has anyone else tried this?

The only safe cw against Zangief is the hk and ex version, and you’d better make sure it lands and make sure you don’t mess up your combo. Otherwise you eat SPD or larait. If your cw is blocked, even your super or ultra couldn’t save you.
Rekkas are safe as long as you use it at the right distance.

dont commit too much (rh only)cw into your gief match. it works pretty well online because he wont be able to react to it as well. offline, its too slow to try more than once per round. he can reaction lariat or st.mp pretty easy. you could use ex, but feis super comes in really handy versus characters without fireballs. imo its too much risk to use cw regularly

You can also react to a Lariat with CW. If Gief spins trying to gain meter or does a poorly spaced Lariat on your wake-up, you can over take him with a CW after the first or second spin, provided you give yourself some room to wind up.

So lets say Gief knocks you down and does a Lariat to try to force a block–if he’s off by a bit, you can back dash instead and launch a CW against the long Lariat. You can also try these against retreating Lariats. I find that there’s consistency with this, though it can be a bit situational.

are you using rh in that situation?

What he said.

Actually, no. I mean if the Gief is dumb enough to do a long Lariat randomly, you’ll have enough time to use RH CW, but in that particular situation where you have to retreat first I tend to use MK CW. Follow that up with a jump or back dash to safety. Some might say it’s not worth the risk, but if you get it down it shouldn’t be much of a risk at all. The window to launch is bigger than for Rekkas since you do it while he’s still spinning–makes it easier too.

Of course EX CW works if you have meter, so there are combo possibilities from this.