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Hi, I’m REALLY new to the Street Fighter world, I’ve been playing a lot a few days now, and the character I felt I was best with was Sakura, I’m not good at combos (Hell, My favourite combo is her Ex Shunpukyaku into a Sakura Otoshi and I feel badass when I’m able to hit it.) If anyone could suggest characters to help me play or just give me a few tips that will help me along my way, it would be much appreciated!! :smiley:
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Ps: I’m TERRIBLE with defense, I rarely win fights when I go online and it usually looks like
Tech-Around C-A


Hmmm since you stated that you are still new to the game, I suggest that you don’t worry too much about combos first. Instead you should place your focus on learning things such as zoning and footsies etc fundamental of the game.

A good charc which I would suggest to you is to play some ryu(which most would have suggest to you). Take your time learning footsie and zoning with him. This are fundamental of the game which you bring along with you no matter which charc you choose to play in the end. While you are learning the game with ryu, try to improve in your aa and learn some advance tech such as plinking, crouch tech/stand tech.(learning plinking is good for sakura as your combo will become more consistant if you learn how to plink it instead.)


Stick with Sakura. DOn’t worry about combos, you can win without them, and landing hits with your normal moves at their max range will go a long way to racking up wins. Pick a button and go into a match and figure out everything you can do with that button. You not only need to learn how to use it, but learn what characters can punish it. You won’t be able to do combos until you can open them up with normals.


Thanks guys! Do any of you play on Xbox? Just in case I have any questions? Would be very helpful


Any tips on practicing being defensive? :slight_smile:


Look up tutorials on Footsies.
Footsies will improve every single thing about your game.


Okay Starbomb Luigi, I trust you.


Can anyone put footsies in a nutshell or post a link? Im trying to read about it and its all like o.O

Pretty sure its like the most in depth guide to footsies.

Video by Juice box who explains Footsies and shows examples.


The SonicHurricane footsie handbook helps out for the beginner players. It even helps out the more experienced players with some forgotten knowledge of the footsie game. I’m also trying to get better at the game too so you’re not alone. If you want to train with me you can, just hit me up on XBL and I’ll play you and give some feedback on your progress (warning: I don’t have mic so I can’t join the party).
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Alright Ill be sure to add you Mystic! Any help is much appreciated :smiley:


I play Sakura too. Add me on Xbox360 and I can show you a few things that would be of value to you :D.
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Alright thanks! I’ll be sure to add you,


Along with the above, hit up the sakura thread, learn the ins and outs of your character. More specifically the tools for your characters, Notable good moves for citations. An example i know for Sakura is her Crouching hard punch. If I recall right that attack is really fast, damaging and a solid anti air for when the opponent is directly over/ in front of Sakura. I’ve seen some high level players (ChrisG) even use crouching hard on wake up, because it’s fast and hits the opponent first (in a situation where the opponent goes for a delayed overhead or throw possibly?). So start learning to implement tools and mastering the use of them really helps. Combos can be learned down the line. It’s really important to learn to actually play, moving around, defense, and learn how to land hits consistently in the first place. I see to many players know only combos without learning how to properly play to be able to get the hit in the first place.

Edit: Tagging on some additional info

Fighting games are all about controlling space and situations. Learn the tools to do just that. With crouching hard you protect the space above and infront of Sakura. With that opponents can’t just jump in on you, or they will eat Crouching hard punch.


Thanks!! Ill have to take a look at the Sakura thread tomorrow, right now I’m just kicking it back and I think tomorrow I’ll be hitting up more SSFIV:AE