Much needed help please

Hello everyone. This is my first post ever but i feel that some information from veterans will get me quite far. SSF4 is the first fighting game that i have ever taken seriously, but i do not know if it is me, but i REALLY suck at street fighter. lol. I looked through all the charaters and the character that caught my interest was Makoto. It seems that no matter how much i try with her, i lose all the time. my win percentage is about 9% and i have fought over 100 battles. I call myself practicing with her all the time but it doesnt seem to work. i do not know if she is a bad beginner character but i would really like some advice. i sort of know a little bit of the basics. i can perform regualr specials and ultras but after that, im screwed. are there any tips that anyone can give me to improve. should i switch characters? If so, who should i pick and what can i do to jus improve in general. And if anyone can, add me on psn because some hlep would be highly appreciated. Any and all advice is apperciated. Thank you guys ahead of time

Makoto’s generally regarded as a horrible character in SSFIV. Her basic stuff is easy to pull off. Her intermediate-advanced stuff is pretty technical and confusing. Plus, her gameplay style is best suited toward rushdown. Basically, you have to be really confident, quick, and ballsy with her if you want to succeed. Until you’ve gotten a really, really good feel for how people play this game, you’re probably going to want to save Makoto playing for later on (after you learn the basics, player mindsets, and consistent execution).

The first thing you’re going to want to do is learn basic fundamentals. That sounds stupid of me to say because it’s obvious, but I think 90% of players are still learning this stuff. The obvious character for a beginner to learn this stuff on is Ryu. He has all of the basic tools and every other character is based around what he has. There are probably millions of How-To-Ryu videos on Youtube (and in these forums). He’s basically the very manifestation of this game’s system, so everything learned while playing him will help you eventually branch out to other characters, like Makoto.

I think i might begin with him. I think that the only reason i really never tried him (because he looks incredibly cool lol) is because about 90% of people ive played uses Ryu or Ken. I guess i just wanted to be different. i have tried other characters too. Juri seems pretty cool and her moves seem easy. Would she be someone that i might be able to play as also?

The reason people recommend Ryu first is because he has everything the game has to offer and playing him will help you understand ever part of the game.

He has links, cancels, FADC combos, easy Ultra setups, great reversal, an overhead, a move to get through fireballs, a good and easy to use armor breaker, great focus attack, good footsies and pokes, good priority on his hitboxes, not a lot of unsafe moves

When you’re new to the game you won’t be “maining” anyone for a while because you don’t even understand the game at all. You’re playing Ryu the way you would play a tutorial except that this tutorial can run for several months before you move on to the real game (where you pick a more personalized main or decide to stay with Ryu)

You’re allowed to pick anyone you choose. It’s just that Ryu is the easiest way to learn 90% of the game. Guile’s probably another good pick, except the Super version of Guile kind of throws the whole fireball risk-reward game out the window, so you wouldn’t learn as much from him.

But yeah. A lot of Ryu-specific tactics can be somewhat applicable to Juri, too. They both do a lot of fireball zoning and they both have an armor breaking kick move that moves the character forward. They just do it in different ways. Go for it.

Guile is pretty tough for a new player, his combos, links and cancels all need to be done pretty spot on

New players always love to use Juri, Makoto, Sakura, etc., these are all really crappy characters for new players to use. I’d use Ryu or Balrog to learn the basics. Everyone uses Ryu but he’s not really “boring” because he can do everything well and can be played in a lot of different styles.

i went and tried out ryu and juri today. they both seem pretty simple to use. Alot easier than makoto!!! Juri combos doesnt seem to hard. and i havent tried to use anything in combat yet. im jus currently going through their trials. hopefully i can begin to pick up when to use certain things in certain situations during fights

And also if anyone could add me on psn, it would be greatly appreciated because i would actually like if someone could help me out to get alot better.