Muffin's AV Tut

well here is a tutorial that I made recently.
hope that you guys enjoy

Cool, thanks. Think you could have a link for that C4D thing that you’re talking about?

damn thats sweet. Where did u get x brush for smudging? and where do you get the c4d art stuff.

you can down load C4ds here
And as for the X brush, You have to make it yourself. I have a Tut for that too.

EDIT: lol, I cant find my Tut, must be on my laptop. Just make a new layer 100x100 and get your text tool and make an X. then Grab your crop tool and just border around the X and crop it close.

Go to Edit+Define brush and, blam, now you have a X brush

So the backgrounds are all actually the stock pic warped… that is cool. :tup:

nice thread but it belongs in here:

Cool Thanks muffin you da shit!

It’s fine here, but it’d be easier to find later on if it was pasted into a links section.

Oh sorry again but muffin when u down load the c4d’s where do you save them…sorry im kinda lost haha. :zzz:

you could just make a new folder on you desktop and save it there.

Cool thanks again muffin!:china:

yo man this is hot! thanks for the tips! this will definitely come in handy

That’s neat. :cool:

:wonder: Usually when I do that I just do a motion blur and set it to something within 30-50 angle and a range somewhere within 50-100 (:cybot: because I’m lazy). Ironically, a lot of the avatars I make are also all made from just one character sprite. Great work Muffin?, I’m not a fan of C4d but you pulled it of nicely. :tup: Keep it up… dood!

Thx Dood, I like C4Ds, but sometimes they really shouldn’t be used.

A new Tut for Non Prems.

Out Come:

man Im always fucking this up. I dont know what the hell is going on.

hahahahaahah ^^

:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: that made my day…looks like my old stuff when i started photoshop…

no offense :lovin::sweat:

yeah :lol: I laughed too. Ill get better