Mugen 2D fighting game engine

This game goes beyond any fighting game ever made. I recommend you download it from and download characters from The directions are given for installment. This site is in spainsh so Lutadores=characters and Cenarios=stages. Any characters that’s your favorite, their on there. Stages are backgrounds from games that you played already. Also, they have addons. Addons are custom intros for the title screen. There are hundreds of mugen sites out there and you’ll probably search for them. Don’t hesitate to ask me questions if your confused. Thank you.

i tried this out a while ago and i just dont see what the point is to playing this when you can play real fighters on kaillera.

dream matches? yeah that would be cool but until its got online play most people wont be interested.

cool concept though.

this engine has been out sense 1999… where has everyone been? lol
this was the upgrade to moah’s idea of a fighter maker, he created kof91
anyway long story short. i have been creating for this for a long time, and my dream mach is done and balanced, im building a mame machine to play it on and stuff once im 100% done, should be cool

i will post some useful information on where to get characters screenpacks, etc later

some examples


I dont want to make my own. I want to just play a finished mugen. Can someone send me full one maybe? Over aim, through email?

I make unreasonable demands.

i’ll make u a full game, gimmie a name for it and stuff, and find me a serial # for paint shop pro 8 so i can make the screen pack and stuff. gimmie a list of chars u want as well, i’ll do my best to balance their attack dmg as well.

Where do you find Mugen? I’ve been wanting this thing for a while!

Mugen 2vs2 with people is fucking awesome. Doom/Strider is top tier in that.

Here’s a website with hundreds of downloadable things.

Downloads are at the left side.

THX a bunch!

Im a mugen noob, but can anyone tell me how to fix that video error. Something about cant 640X**** settings or whatever. (Using XP)

I remember Mugen!

IMO Best part about that was making your own characters, and Evil Ken.
Man, I don’t know who made it, but it was before SVC Chaos, and he was HARD.


Ok im new to this mugen stuff can some give me a run dow nof what it is the only thing i kinda get is that its a fighting game and that u can have any character from a game to be in here but wont some of the sprites be bigger than others and wont it be unbalance please someone give me the 411 lol on this game cuz i want to get into it also how much memory do i need on my computer for this to work? and can u guys leave me with some site to download it or other things for it. thanks :tup:

Vampire Savior/Chronicles Rules!!! :clap:

You maybe using the Dos mugen version. I recommend you to download WinMugen for Windows Xp. The link is at the top. You won’t have any problems with that video error on your PC.

Yeah it was dos version. Shouldve known. Thx a lot.

Im using the WinMugen now, but ive yet to still be able to add the characters i have in my “chars” folder so that they appear on character select screen. Ive tried adding one but then I got some error message about not finding character def or something. If someone who has this figured out doesnt mind, could I get a detailed explanation of how to do it step by step. Or something plz.

Possibility 1: Have you extracted the character into their own directory? Although WinMUGEN’s documentation says it recognizes compressed characters, I don’t think it does just yet.

Possibility 2: Make sure the directory name for your character (ex. chars/Tails/) is the same as the .def file for that character (ex. chars/Tails/Tails.def). Caps shouldn’t matter unless you’re using LinuxMUGEN.

Possibility 3: The character’s .def file (which is openable in NotePad) is directing to a file you do not have. Either you forgot to download/extract separated .sff and .snd files (Some people separate them so that they can upload them without worrying about size limits on free webhosts) or they forgot to add something.

Turns out none of the characters I had were compatiable. Got something going now. Now I have to learn all the other hard stuff like adding music and stages. BTW is there anyway to make dos mugen work for XP?

Thx for everyones help.

Might not link to Mugenation: they’re a warehouse, and generally greatly disliked among creators, as they don’t ask for permission from a majority of creators before hosting the stuff on the site, and given these things take literally months to make, it tends to really miff some creators to the point where they either leave or go private :frowning: Basically, browsing around for the creator’s site is usually a better bet :wink:

Music and stages are really simple things to add Chibi: the select.def file is where you define both, just make sure to put the files in the right folders :wink:

As for video modes, that’s just a simple thing you can tweak with in the mugen.cfg file. Both this and your select.def files can be found in the ‘data’ folder. As for fixing for WinMugen, I’ll do some thread searching for an answer.

As for complete games, there are a few in existance (Brutal: Paws of Fury Remix comes to mind…not earth riveting but it’s there). There are also several games in production: Street Fighter: Special Ops by O Illusionista, Darkstalkers: Year of Hell, by some random guy :sweat:, and others along the line :slight_smile:

If you have questions on WinMugen, I suggest you go here: . You’ll have to reg, but you can get a lot of information on it as well as development, though I strongly recommend reading the docs included with mugen thoroughly before posting, trust me :S.

You might also check out Mugen Fighters Guild, and other sites such as ROTBRC, Winane’s website (tools + damn good stages, and VIB’s site, NewWaveMugen, all easy to find with Google.

Regardless, you should extract the contents of this zip into your WinMugen folder, if you’re using it:


If you have any questions, feel free to ask me. :slight_smile:

WinXP documentation for Dos version. Keep in mind that this was translated from Portugeese, so it might be a little hard to read in spots.

Does anyone know how to make the screen larger? Right now it’s like… incredibly, incredibly small.

Fiddle with the resolution settings in Mugen.cfg.

What you’re after is probably to set the resolution to 640x480, then to set DoubleRes to 4…this will not only enlarge the screen itself, but allow you to use double res characters (a la GGXX)