[Mugen] Another game COMPILED by me

YES I said COMPILED so anybody that complains didn’t read the subject

anyways the concept with my latest comp is Sega VS Capcom VS SNK

most of warasuki’s characters are there, almost the whole Guilty Gear roster MANY Samuari Shodown fighters a good selection from street fighter and Darkstalkers and some nice surprises.

I can’t say it’s very balenced but I tried hard to get it so.

here’s the address



Warusaki’s characters are absolutely the best. Shame he quit the scene.

They were pretty much all his CVS guys are there so it’s a fitting tribute to his work.

I’m sure he’d be proud somebody did this. I heard he quiet becasue he wanted a fulltime job or something.

Cool! Too bad i don’t have access to a high-speed connection at the moment but later on i will. bookmarks site

You’ll have to Wait for CTRL ALT DEL 2 for ABA and Justice.

I’m also working on a KOF.

can’t you host with sendspace or yousendit?

This is coming in at 3kbs. I’m not prepared to wait 60 hours for that.

Hmmm…are you on high-speed or dial-up? Dial-up i could understand downloading at that rate, but high-speed? Hope not.

if iit downloads slow for you try a different server.

Filefront is Manic

high speed.

It’s not so bad though, it finished when I woke up this morning after 8 hours.

The game isn’t working for me.
All the sounds work, but the characters dont i guess.

what do you mean?

Its definitly a problem with the characters.
I can use stages and the music just fine.

When i try to load your mugen or mine with the characters, the game chrashes and gives me a windows report error.

Oh, nice screenpack, and intros.
I plan on using that one.

I don’t know Mugen at all, if I want to play this game do I need to download Mugen first and then download the game to a directory within Mugen?

Nope all you have to do is download the file, unzip it with winrar and just click on “winmugen” in the folder you unzipped it from to play.

No, just download and run the winmugen app in the folder.

The game may work for you, my friend said she downloaded it and it worked, so just download, extract, open the extraced folder, and double click win mugen.

The default controls are arow keys and qwe,asd.
You can change them in options under input config.

2+ Hours to download at 80kbps.

Filefront me no likes. :tdown:

K so I run this thing, and all i get is a black screen loading. It sits there a moment then dies on me. Tell me what’s wrong:

M.U.G.E.N ver 2003.06.14 status log

Parsing command line…
Command line: D:\Khiem’s Grand Entry Folder\Games\MZCBZ SNK VS Sega VS Capcom\winmugen.exe
Parse command line OK
Allocating game variables
Reading configuration file…OK
Checking DX version…0x700
Initializing timer…OK
Initializing keyboard…configuring…OK
Initializing input engine…OK
Initializing sound…OK
Initializing graphics…trying 640x480x16 mode 0x44584143…success…OK
Setting callbacks…OK
Initializing game variables…OK
Loading system fonts…OK
Loading options…
Initializing pads…failed
Reinitializing input engine…OK
Remapping keys…OK
Reinitializing input engine…OK
Options loaded OK
Loading system…
Load system file system.def…OK
Load system fonts…OK
Load system anim…OK
Load [Title Info]…OK
Load [Option Info]…OK
Load [Select Info]…OK
Load [VS Screen]…OK
Load [Demo Mode]…OK
Load [Continue Screen]…OK
Load [Game Over Screen]…OK
Load [Win Screen]…OK
Load [Survival Results Screen]…OK
Load [Default Ending]…OK
Load [End Credits]…OK
Load TitleBG…VersusBG…SelectBG…OptionBG…OK
Loading fight data
Opening fight data file data/life_bar/fight.def…OK
Reading [Files]…OK
Loading fonts…OK
Load fight anim…OK
Reading [Lifebar]…[Turns Lifebar]…[Simul Lifebar]…[Powerbar]…
[Face]…[Simul Face]…[Turns Face]…
[Name]…[Simul Name]…[Turns Name]…
Allocating explods…OK
Fight data loaded OK
System loaded OK
Initialize OK
Set up graphics…timer…OK
Initializing character info…OK
Initializing select screen…finding characters…

this is the first time I’ve had any one have a problem running a game.

Either you’re running it with DOS mugen somehow or your computer can’t handle the characters

My computer handles it just fine.
You can see right here that there is a character problem.

Initializing select screen…finding characters…

And it never finishes, just chrashes.

Works fine for me.

I don’t know what the problem is

anyone else having JR’s problem?

Also I don’t know what game to release next

My Kof or CTRL ALT DEL 2