Mugen Head CTRL ALT DEL REIMIX is ready for download;4911754;;/fileinfo.html

new characters,
5 new stages
New Boss (Shin Gouki)
New Ending
new Life Bars
New versions of old characters

It’s not the sequel but it’s pretty close, Sorta like what Capcom does.

Yay! Ive actually been waiting for this!

GREAT! So…what’s the roster like? All serious fighters?

Not if its anything like the first.

how do we play it ?

how do we play it ?

Game’s like me on the weekend: won’t work…screen goes dark, but that’s all.

yeah besides…shadow had to pay homage to sega somehow

Wait your Hard drive is reading the massive file

You boot it up and press 1

I fixed alot of Balence issues, But Iori and the new boss will own you

LOL I replaced some of the first game’s roster with Yuki, Ai, Kisara, Shiki, Asura, Mizuchi…and here they are in the update! edit: I really hope that Rugal 94 isn’t the same one as in the first game. He was way too cheap and powerful to allow to remain, and I replaced him with Mature.

I replaced all the nude characters with evil ryu,dan,ken and a Yamazaki.
And i changed the title song.

Nice work on that breakdancing hedgehog level, i was just gonna add in Miller Ball Breakers over the first level anyway.

My only complaint is the stupid options screen background.
Who are those people anyways?

I recongise Raven, but the rest?

The options screen was from the game that I spiced up to make the orignal. It no longer exists on line.

The music in the Hebert Stages are from Sonic Rush

The music for my Stage (Rev) is from ridge racer V

and Matthew’s stage is from rez

You did make all the included characters, stages, and screenpacks yourself, right? Or at least get permission from the original creators? Because most Mugen creators don’t really appreciate having their stuff distributed without their consent.

It’s downloading at 1.3 kbs for me…For some reason I had this trouble with your first version too. ^_^;

Yeah sorry about that Blame your ISP :lol:

Am I the only one having major control problems? I never seem to be able to set it up so all the buttons work.

My connection is pretty fast, it took about 2 hours.

That’s really good, Took me 3 hours to upload it plus the 5 hours of attempted uploading.

So is this a decent improvement over the orignal? I’m happy about SF III ken and the 1 button super Iori and Kyo.

Bah! I finally downloaded it but it says “the archive is either unknown or damage” straaange. I’ll redownload now.

Well…I like the music, screenpack, and stages, but once agaion, I had to edit the cast and get rid of the retardedly overpowered characters.

G Akiha ( would have left her in but she has NO hitstun, and is thus nearly unbeatable when she has a prtner…I only play in team mode)
Rugal 94

Then I got rid of the retarded characters

Edward Elric

Then I chabged the boss arrangement, cuz I think fighting 2 of the same character is a little lame. The bosses are now Sf3 Ryu and Ken (may change to SF3 Chun and Elena, or find a way to make them thei first of 3 boss teams), followed by final bosses (once again) SNK sprite Evil Ryu and Violent Ken. I also had to remove characters that caused the game toclose. Duolon and a couple others. Other than that, I like it more than the last one.

Duolon causes the game to close?

when I tested it extensively there was no problem with him or Setsuna (who I got complaints about in the first one)

Ed is only in the game to piss off FMA fans, he’s so weak and under powered, I wanted the FMA fans to know what I think of FMA…

Did you change the ending too? The story has to do with Mizuchi.

Think they’re cheap?
You should’ve seen the guy that was going to be the final boss in the sequel
you’d be lucky if you even got a hit in on him. Not even the Whale could beat him.