Mugen Head CTRL ALT DEL REIMIX is ready for download

It seems not much has changed…a pity…as I saw the first one as something not too far from something good.

Seriously, this seems like just a bunch of random characters thrown together. Get rid of the retarded ones and just work on balancing for a while, and I think you’ll have something great.

I didin’t even give Setsuna a chance. His massive range plus invincible barrier in the first game…I couldn’t take that chance. Replaced him with Kusaregedo immediately. And I got “error reading duolon.def” when I was about to fight him and Vanessa (lead character) as Robert and Rock. The ending I liked, so it stayed.

And cheap? Yeah.

Millia otgs you into next year. Also way too aggressive.

Len infinites you to death with that Ice spike super, and does it again and again

Rugal: Chain combos into REPEATED, juggling, super-damaging Genocide Cutters.

G Akiha: No way to interrupt her super-damaging attacks, plus she can turn around if you get behind her in the hopes of free hits. Ultra cheap. At least the characters she’s modeled after could be knocked out of thier attacks to buy you a lottle breathing room.

Too much range, WAY too aggressive, Invincible barrier move.

The game you made is awesome (I can’t stop playing, 3 hours every day), you just need to get regular fighters in there instead of anime edits (those are never any good, and animate terribly) and joke characters with 2 frames of animation.

The Seqel was supposed to be mostly samurai shodown and Guilty Gear. The 3rd Game was supposed to be my Version of Capcom VS SNK with the whole NGBC roster.

They may still come someday but since I have a problem another person had with the music no it might be awhile before 2 and 3 are out. I also deleted the COMPLETE part 2 when I transferred everything from my old hard drive, it was my own fault.

One more thing: Felicia, when hit from behind with Robert’s genei kyaku, will float upwards and offscreen in hit-stun.

that was a problem with a few characters. I remember Ferious Ken and BB Hood had a simular problem and Kagami’s super would flaot around.

a little secret

F1 kills P2 F4 restarts the round and F2 drains both life bars

That f4 thing will come in handy.There was one time when I was fighting Vanessa as Robert with Geese…she got us both with her close-up dm…but after the uppercut, Geese never came back onscreen. I guess he went straight to heaven. lol
And what was this person’s problem with the music? It’s fine! Beyond fine. I copied the music folder into My Music cuz it’s so good. The only problem I can see with ONE person is if he’s pissed cuz he performed the songs, or if he’s talking noise and making threats cuz the songs are copywrited…is he isn’t doing either, screw him. I look forward to “Samurai Gear”.

I made the first game on an ME machine and the music played fine. My new Machine runs XP pro and has a sound card integrated into the mother board. Something I guess the mugen plugins don’t agree with or something. I don’t know if that’s the problem or what. somebody gave me a CFG file which is supposed to fix the music problem. The problem was the music some of it would play in Fast Foward mode.

the other issue that seems cross platform is in some stages music won’t play at all.

I fixed that as best I could by adding characters that take up less memory.

I hope I can make the sequel I lost most of the guys that were going to be in it like I-no and Testament, last Blade Yuki and so on. The Soundtrack for Part 2 was going to be more of the same. If I do it now it’ll be mostly the JSR/Sonic Rush/Rez Music I used for the new stages in this update. Headhunter had some good tunes too. For life bars I was thinking Melty Blood . We’ll see if this ever happens.

Okay, I know a lot about MUGEN, and after downloading and playing it, I can safely say that it sucks. Let me list quite a few reasons why.

  • At default it isn’t set at optimal settings. The lifebars are programmed to work at doubleres=4, but the game is default set at doubleres=0. This results in the combo meter taking up half the damn screen. Other things in mugen.cfg aren’t set to optimal settings (640x480 instead of 320x240, 32 bit instead of 16 bit, hardware rendering instead of software rendering), and all in all it reeks of either laziness, or lack of knowledge of the whole MUGEN program.

-Some of the characters have graphical problems resulting from them being designed for Dos Mugen, but instead being booted up in Win Mugen. An example is ‘classic gouki’, and his god awful BLACK fireballs and hitsparks. This can easily be solved by running the program Dos2Win in the character directory, but again it either reeks of ignorance or laziness.

-It’s all stolen content. What work did you do?

-It doesn’t make sense. Most of the characters are fine, but why are there nude chars? Or joke characters? They serve no purpouse, and you missed out on a lot of great fighters that could have been there in their place.

-There is no music during the intro. At least there wasn’t any for me.

-All in all, I REALLY think you can do better than this. Come on!

Thank you durp for the reccomended tweaks.
The game runs and looks better.

And i agree with getting rid of the anime and nude characters in the next version.
The nude stages too.

(I can’t find where the nude bath level is located, so i can’t get of thet right now.)

Thats a good question.

here is the answer below.

The Readme’s inside have the REAL creators names there.

I suppose anything goes in SRK.

This isn’t the Mugen Guild get off my back.

From now on anything saying these characters are stolen, and I didn’t do anything will be ignore and grounds for Neg Rep

Big threat there guy.

At least pay attention to the other points he brought up.

These characters are stolen and the OP is a retard for putting this together and distributing it on the internet. It sucks and is not worth the time or bandwidth to download and support his idiocy.

I am extremely suprised this thread is still open considering he is distributing STOLEN content.

To tell you the truth I don’t see a point to distributing games when there’s no original content. You can make a game and download all the characters you want within an hour. Maybe tops it could take you 3 hours to make a game starting from downloading the characters, stages and screen pack- to opening the select.def and adding the character’s name to it. Theres a guy named fraya that does the same thing like this but takes the characters and adds moves and balances them in a full game (not just the defense and attack values, but timing and gameplay). Though its still stealing from existing stuff (not all of his stuff is stolen), its not just some game that anyone could make in 1 or 2 hours.

If everything is “stolen” then why are the available for download in the first place?
How come, Sega, SNK and Capcom aren’t ordering all the characters taken off the internet?

Exactly, now stop shitting on where my shit came from and enjoy my efforts to put together a Fun game. Nobody complained when the first game came out.

And DJ Van, I’m a huge fan of your shit if you want I will edit the file giving you credit for your Champloo stage out of respect for what you do.

Nah I personally don’t make a big deal out of the stuff here- I leave it up to the mods (I don’t think its right but whatever). But recently my site got blamed for hosting a single character, which we didn’t, (long story…but a former Eli WIP showed up and people at the guild thought our staff made that site) by guild but they don’t complain about srk- well they do kinda. The said topic had 3000+ views just for one creation so you can imagine if they started to post about this. But thats not my point because then you’d probably say “fuck them or something.” The point is many creators feel strongly about this sort of thing.

But anyway I just encourage people to try and make their own games because people often tend to become dependent on others releasing games for them. I mean I think I put a lot of work into my personal game (its going on 7 gigs) but I don’t/ can’t distribute it.

I just try and take some time out to update the MI database every so often so people can do the same thing I do and spend a few hours to make their own, because people might not have the same taste in characters that I have.

To tell you the truth the creators just want a little recognition. People don’t/ won’t go their site if somebody hosts everyone’s creations in one place. A lot of people create just so they can some recognition or notability (same could be said about anyone who makes something custom for instance- like byrdo for example and how that game magazine didn’t give him credit for one of the sticks he made), and people like Reu or Pots for instance are well known because people know who made the characters.

If they weren’t then there’d be no point, people wouldn’t know who they are, so they’d probably go private like a lot of creators do. Me personally- I haven’t made enough creations I guess to have to worry bout that, but I do apreciate the feedback and support from the people who’ve used my works and comment about it. Like I’ve said before this is a hobby for most creators, they put a lot of time in to make the stuff and then have to deal with others hosting their works or somebody selling it on ebay (the ebay guys are the worst :sweat:)

When I first got started with mugen I use to think the same thing about full games- I wanted to release my own. But after reading about it and the whole ethics part I started working on that eve screen pack about 2 years ago- I wanted to be known for something that I made rather then some game that almost anyone could put out. And now I think I’ve made a pretty good sp, and 2 years later I run tournaments every so often at conventions so people can see what mugen is all about.

Where can I download that Eve screenpack anyways? I’m running out of space on my current one.

I see a lot of older versions of it floating around in “full game torrents” but you can get the newest one from my website in the add on section.

I’m glad you’re cool with all this DJ you’re the only person from the Guild who’s been professional towards me and who’s work I truely apprecate.

I may have been a little harsh about the stolen content, but please fix all of the critisism I gave (nonsensical characters, unoptimized settings, unconverted DOS characters).