Mugen Heads the wait is over CTRL ALT DEL 2 is here!

here it is it’s been a long wait, I edited the files my self this time and balenced things out.;5246683;;/fileinfo.html

Also I have a new revamped version of the first game that fixes a few but not all of the old problems;5239340;;/fileinfo.html

Enjoy and leave feedback I’m already hard at work on III and IV

Grabbing now before you get bitched at for no credits.

Nice work on the other games however.

? what is this now? little explaination before i DL would be nice n.n

pics of select and shit plz

There are select pictures on the links.

Just scroll down.

All bitching this time will be ignored.

Here are some pics:

Off screen Hidden Characters

Duck King
Haohran Liu (chang Shinzan)
Shiki Nanya
Vampire Scion
Eninishi (Sub Boss)
Robo Rock
Rachel (Final Boss)

ZOMG CHAM CHAM!! * download!! *

Most of the music in the game is by Nitro Microphone Underground (mostly the Shodown Characters)

Miss Mondae, Queen (Sol’s Stage), The Chemical Brothers, Future Sound of London, Soul Head and Soul’d Out also make appearences.

so is this game kinda like DOH2? where all the charas have the same unniversal moves and all 6 button and such?

awe theres no bridget… well i’ll just have to fix that XD

No everybody plays pretty much how they do in their game or origin, Metly blood people have 3 buttons, KOFers have 4 or 5 buttones, Street Fighter Peeps have 6 buttons ect.

I don’t recomend adding him…he has a huge ass portrat that pops up with those life bars and they get in the way of the fighting.

He is however in CTRL ALT DEL 1 and he’ll be in IV as well.

I must say, I’m quite proud of myself for recreating the church stage from Melty Blood took me forever to find that song.

the version of bridget i have shouldnt do that o.o; i’ll try it and see what happens… if its no good i’ll take him out n.n

Let me know if he works I’ll include him in an update


Thanks!!! :rock:

darn… the portrait does get in the way… which is weird cause it doesnt on my regular mugen x.x how do i take the portrait off?

OK…just to clarify as far as the 1st one…I have

CTRL_ALT_DEL_1 downed on 1/12/06


CTRL_ALT_DEL_REIMIX downloaded on 3/27/06

…do I already have the revamped 1st game with “REIMIX” or is your link to a new revamped 1st ver?

hey… if u want help with an actual complete game and not just a collection of characters… i am willin to help. I can do gfx and shit… program the screen pack etc

This is a totally new remake it’s the last version I’m going to do but it’s a downgrade over Reimix which I uploaded without thinking.

That’d be sweet I can never find the life bars I’m looking for. my next 2 do stick to one graphic style but I would love to rip and do my own, I just don’t have the patientce for it. (and I am getting tired of waiting for Elizabeth, Jenet and Oswald.)

oswald is being made by someone mugen china i think.

It’s 403’ing me. Is there a mirror? Or a torrent?