Mugen issue after Vista restore

so i just did a restore, and some cleaning I did was messed up. Also I have a MUGEN program with 1000+ chars it split into 2 folders both named mugen. one has the char data and is 7+GB as it should, the other has all the same things but in the char data, just a command script for each, and is onlt a few MB in size.

Number one, I don’t know what is messed, or should I join the folders, and number two, there is no more WinMUGEN exe, to even play the game. All I have are some text files there? WTF?

I am like ready to slam my tower. I just fucking cleaned, and organized over 200GB of shit, and restore just fuckeded it all up.

I KNEW I should have done a dual boot with XP, like my last PC. I have only started the fucking program like ONCE, but just knowing it’s fucked up pissed me the fuck off.


Try backing up the files and merging them into one folder. Looks like they got separated for some reason.